RNS photo courtesy House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight.

Bishop hopes to restart White House contraception talks

(RNS) The Catholic bishop leading the hierarchy's push against the White House's contraception mandate says the bishops hope to re-start contentious talks with the Obama administration but says church leaders “have gotten mixed signals from the administration” and the situation “is very fluid.” By David Gibson.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Disagreeing without being disagreeable

(RNS) It's never been easy for us to determine the boundary line between individual rights and civic responsibility. But it doesn't help when pundits resort to name-calling, nor when complexities are reduced to bumper-sticker sound bites. By James Calvin Davis.

White House insists contraception talks are on track

(RNS) The Obama administration is pushing back against charges by the nation's top Catholic bishop that talks to create a broader religious exemption from a controversial birth control coverage mandate are “going nowhere,” and that White House officials are dismissing the central role of the bishops. By David Gibson.

Catholic voter guide differs from two Catholic candidates

(RNS) A group of Democratic-leaning Catholics on Wednesday (Feb. 29) released a 2012 voter guide that includes abortion among a range of “pro-life issues,” such as war, euthanasia and poverty, and highlights economic and social justice issues as concerns Catholics should weigh as they consider which candidate to support.