2014: The top stories in atheism

From the popularity of ‘Cosmos’ on Fox-TV to the Roku launch of ‘Atheist TV’, from open atheist James Woods’s inspiring congressional campaign to Richard Dawkins’s less-than-inspiring tweets, atheists made headlines all year.

Rebecca Vitsmun

2013: Atheism’s 10 defining moments

Atheism was in the headlines perhaps more than ever before in 2013. To highlight some of atheism’s defining moments and trends from the last year, I worked with a panel of ten writers, scholars, and activists to come up with ten major moments or currents in American atheism from 2013. Their contributions are below. Godless congregations become global phenomenon

2013 was a landmark year for atheists, Humanists, and nonreligious people building communities. Ex-pastors Jerry Dewitt and Mike Aus grew innovative and successful congregations in Louisiana and Texas, and the Yale Humanist Community launched in Connecticut.

RNS photo courtesy of Dale McGowan

What “Dummies” need to know about atheism

(RNS) Dale McGowan, executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief, was just enlisted to write “Atheism for Dummies,” the first book about atheists in the “Dummies” series. McGowan explains what people need to know about atheism, and what they have in common with religious believers. By Kimberly Winston.