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I’m a Mormon feminist, not an anti-Mormon protestor

Yesterday’s statement reveals what the LDS Church apparently thinks of the feminists within its fold. We, as faithful and active members of the Church, are being lumped together with the same anti-Mormon protestors who routinely crash General Conference and shout that the Mormon religion is of the devil.

Next weekend, the LDS Conference Center will host its semiannual General Conference in this auditorium. Some women are petitioning to attend the all-male priesthood session on October 5.

LDS Church Responds to “Ordain Women” Movement

Twenty years ago yesterday, I went down into the waters of baptism. I did so with some important questions still unanswered, including why women were not permitted to make (or even be consulted about) significant administrative decisions or to exercise ecclesiastical authority in my chosen faith. Those restrictions did not deter me from going where God had called me to go, but they caused me to pray long and hard about my baptism beforehand.