10 Gratitude Lessons I Learned from My Dog

As I head into the Thanksgiving season, I am, like many people, trying to cultivate the value of gratitude. The problem is that Thanksgiving is arriving at an inconvenient time this year when a lot of things seem to be going wrong with health, finances, blah blah . . . I won't bore you with details. But when it's a challenge to be thankful, I turn to the most thankful person I know. Who is not actually a person.

RNS photo courtesy Mazen Basrawi

Can you be a good Muslim and still have a dog?

(RNS) It's “Walk your Dog In Front of a Mosque Day,'' and it's not meant as a joyous occasion. Muslims’ alleged canine-phobia is often cited by critics of Islam as an example of how Western values and the faith are incompatible. Yet many Muslims the world over have dogs, and dogs figure prominently is some Islamic countries. By Omar Sacirbey.