Volunteers regularly weigh and measure all children enrolled in the program to see how they are growing. (Photo courtesy of Bob Rees)

Mormons Help Malnourished Children in Guatemala

Even a $50 donation, like the ones I have made, can support one child for an entire year. It’s staggering to think about, really. That’s not far off the amount I am spending this weekend per ticket to take our visiting niece and nephew to an amusement park.

RNS photo by Sean Locke/iStockPhoto.

Nonprofit groups oppose Obama’s change in charitable deductions

WASHINGTON (RNS) For the fourth year in a row, President Obama is proposing lower tax deductions for the wealthy on donations to churches and other nonprofit organizations. And for the fourth year in a row, nonprofit groups say the change would lead to a dramatic drop in charitable giving. By Annalisa Musarra.

RNS photo by Sean Locke/iStockPhoto.

Yes, Mormons tithe, but most others don’t

(RNS) Across the religious landscape, tithing is often preached but rarely realized.  Research into church donations shows a wide range of giving, with Mormons among the most generous relative to income, conservative Christians next, followed by mainline Protestants and Catholics last. By Bruce Nolan.