COMMENTARY: Seeking clarity

NEW YORK (RNS) The “October trifecta'' that touched my life — my father's death, surgery and the unprecedented destruction of Hurricane Sandy — did what traumatic events often do: they left me emotionally fatigued and ready for some fresh clarity, fresh perspective and fresh prioritizing. By Tom Ehrich.

RNS photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

Chastened Catholic bishops told they have to reform themselves

BALTIMORE (RNS) In the wake of sweeping setbacks to the hierarchy’s agenda on Election Day, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Monday (Nov. 12) told his fellow bishops that they must now look at their own failings, confess their sins and reform themselves if they hope to affect the wider culture. By David Gibson.

What’s next for religious conservatives?

(RNS) Mitt Romney failed in his bid to win the White House back for Republicans, but the biggest losers in Tuesday’s voting may be Christian conservatives who put everything they had into denying President Obama a second term and battling other threats to their agenda. Does the religious right need to reinvent itself?