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N.C. black pastor treads carefully on gay marriage

RALEIGH, N.C. (RNS) Most black churches consider homosexuality a sin, and have resisted any attempt to reinterpret biblical passages condemning it.  But some pastors are finding ways to skirt the theological issue, and support equal treatment of gays and lesbians as a legislative concern. By Yonat Shimron.

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Guest Commentary: Rallying around the sisters

CHICAGO (RNS) When the Vatican ordered a crackdown on the largest group of U.S. sisters, accusing them of spending too much time “promoting issues of social justice,” I was stunned, though perhaps I shouldn't have been, given Rome's historic failure to support its best and brightest. By Julia Lieblich.

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Guest Commentary: The body of Christ, broken for me

(RNS) Growing up as a gay man, I felt my relationship with the Catholic Church was over, for it would not love me as I loved it, or as God made me.  I left feeling that I was no longer a part of this community, that I would never experience true communion again. By Nic Arnzen.

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (Hindu) match

LOS ANGELES (RNS) The marriage process is in flux in Indian American culture, opening the door to new manners of matchmaking. The idea that love can use a little help remains constant, even as singles' attitudes on dating change. By Megan Sweas.

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Evangelicals say it’s time for frank talk about sex

WASHINGTON (RNS) Eighty percent of single evangelical 20-somethings have had sex, and almost a third of evangelicals’ unplanned pregnancies end in abortion. Now, evangelical leaders are starting to say talking about abstinence and opposing abortion aren't enough. By Adelle M. Banks.

RNS photo courtesy Brigham Young University

Gay BYU students say ‘It Gets Better’ on Mormon campus

PROVO, Utah (RNS) Officials at Mormon-owned Brigham Young University say a group of two dozen students who posted a video about being gay will not face trouble as long as they abide by the school's no-sex honor code. By Rosemary Winters.

Women wear hijabs in support of slain Iraqi woman

(RNS) Jean Younis is a Christian but she's donning a headscarf to stand in solidarity with Shaima Alawadi, the Iraqi immigrant and mother of five who died March 24 three days after being beaten in her home in El Cajon, Calif. By Omar Sacirbey