The fragment of papyrus that offers fresh evidence that some early Christians believed Jesus was married. Photo courtesy Karen L. King

Questions persist after testing of ‘Jesus Wife’ papyrus

(RNS) A year and a half after unveiling a slip of papyrus that she dubbed the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife,” Harvard Bible scholar Karen King has released the results of long-delayed testing on the controversial fragment that appear to show it is not a modern forgery. But a host of questions remain.

10 things to expect from my ‘Faitheist’ column

You may be asking yourself: What on earth is a ‘faitheist’? It’s been years since I first heard the term “faitheist”—a pejorative used by some atheists to describe other nontheists who seem too accommodating of religion. As an atheist and an interfaith activist, I decided that I liked the word enough to embrace it. I used the word as the title for my first book, a memoir calling for conversation and cooperation between atheists and people of faith. In reclaiming the word, I understand it to mean that I am an atheist in pursuit of common ground with the religious.