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Photo Slideshow: Shantiniketan retirement community

Shantiniketan, located in Tavares, Fl., is a gated retirement community catering to Indian immigrants. Residents dine on vegetarian meals, partake in daily yoga as well as Bhajans (prayer) everyday at noon.  RNS photo by Julie Fletcher

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RNS photo courtesy Ram Varanasi/Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ramj3t/3413836777/in/set-72157616378886858)

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a (Hindu) match

LOS ANGELES (RNS) The marriage process is in flux in Indian American culture, opening the door to new manners of matchmaking. The idea that love can use a little help remains constant, even as singles' attitudes on dating change. By Megan Sweas.