The frequency of Google searches for "war on Christmas".  Data source: Google Correlate. Graph created by RNS.

Peace! Why you can expect a ceasefire on the ‘War on Christmas’ until Thanksgiving 2014

(RNS) 12:01 a.m. The annual winter siege known as the “War on Christmas” is over, for now. For the next 11 months, the holiday will be able to exist in peace. The new ceasefire is unlikely to be permanent, however. The war is expected to return by December 1, 2014, when slow news days and the need for donations will likely cause the fighting to resume. If next year plays out like days of old (okay, just since 2007), we should expect interest in the war to begin just as Thanksgiving ends and shopping for Christmas begins in earnest. According to data from Google Correlate, interest in the “War on Christmas” peaks at the same time we start putting up Christmas lights.