Mette Ivie Harrison

My daughter isn’t a Mormon anymore

“I honor my daughter’s choice to become an atheist,” says guest blogger Mette Ivie Harrison. “She has already taught me a lot in her life and I suspect she will teach me still more.”


Humanists celebrate rationalism during World Humanist Day

Humanists all over the world celebrated their rational way of thinking this past weekend on World Humanist Day.

The celebration has existed since the 1980s, and might feature parties, ceremonies, proclamations and conferences, according to the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Promotion photo for the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.

Excerpts from the Ham on Nye showdown

(RNS) The two-and-a-half-hour debate Tuesday (Feb. 4) between Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Bill Nye the Science Guy was a much-hyped showdown between the creationism and evolution camps. Here are some morsels.