The missing front of my rental car. Photo by Chris Stedman.

Atheists in foxholes — and car accidents

Some say that there are “no atheists in foxholes”—that, when confronted with her or his own mortality, even the most ardent atheist suddenly becomes a believer. But a recent car accident reminded me of how my atheism fuels my appreciation for being alive.

Mandela's observations on leaving hatred behind in prison

Mandela and Martin: Quality of our living

Martin was born 11 years after Mandela, and has been dead for 45 years. We lose some of the beautiful ones far too early, and get to have others around for a while. Truly, it’s not the longevity of our life, it’s the quality of our living.

Jesus is risen Italian mosaic

Between Good Friday and Easter: A Muslim Meditation on Christ and Resurrection

When I reflect on the suffering of Christ, I see the connection between the suffering of Christ and the suffering of all of God’s children, all of us who are vessels of the Spirit of God. 
I seek the Easter of our own spirit, the resurrection of our spirit, long dead, brought back to God through God’s grace. May there be an Easter for the Jesus of our spirit, overcoming every death, every suffering and every affliction.