Will Cardinal Mahony face any consequences?

On Monday, I revisited the question of whether the retired cardinal of Los Angeles, Roger Mahony, actually suffered any discipline in his dust-up with his successor over his dismal track record on the sexual abuse of children by clergy. Now Tom Roberts of the National Catholic Reporter highlights a follow-up that could be an important marker as to whether the alleged proscriptions against Mahony have any teeth — a priest in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has said that Mahony should be disinvited from a scheduled spring speech to the local priests and instead should be replaced with a conference on sex abuse:

Roberts writes:
Fr. Jim Connell, an advocate for victims of clergy sex abuse, sent an open email to Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki asking for the cardinal’s spot to be given to a range of experts as well as those directly affected by the scandal. Mahony, who was recently publicly rebuked for failing to protect children, is scheduled to give a speech titled “In Christ, There Is No East or West: Embracing Our Diversity and the Social Message of Jesus” during the May 6-8 Spring Assembly of Priests … …