Mormonism: A country club with a strict dress code

Guest blogger Mette Harrison says Mormons spend too much time talking about appropriate dress, particularly for young women. All this attention to clothing makes church feel more like an exclusive country club than a faith dedicated to Christ’s example.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is expected to sign a bill that allows business owners to refuse same-sex wedding clients who want to buy goods such as this cake topper.

As state prepares appeal, Utah same-sex couples rush to wed

(RNS) For now, a state considered as one of the most conservative in the nation, has joined the likes of California and New York where same-sex couples can legally wed. Legal experts say that even if a judge halts the weddings, the licenses that have already been issued will likely still be valid.

A portion of the LDS Church's official stance on racism and the former priesthood ban.

Mormons Officially Disavow Racist Folklore

The LDS Church has anathematized racist justifications that once propped up a ban barring African Americans from priesthood ordination and temple endowments. However, the Church stopped short of a formal apology.