Uncertainty doubt

The gift of Mormon doubt

All this Mormon emphasis on correct knowledge and possessing the fullness of the truth misses the point: Amassing knowledge is not our job. Having faith is. And faith absolutely requires uncertainty.

Mette Ivie Harrison

Leaving Mormonism . . . and finding my way back (part 2)

Yesterday we had the first of two parts of novelist Mette Ivie Harrison’s personal story of losing faith in Mormonism. Today she reveals how she is trying to find her testimony again, returning to prayer and to church activity. As you can see, she rejects the “blame the victim” response that many Mormons have when someone chooses to leave. I agree with her. Everyone seemed to tell Mette that if she could just pray more, do more, read the scriptures more, BE MORE, then she would be fine.

Prayer candles

When God Answers Your Prayer

It’s not like I have a slew of miracle stories I can trot out from more than a quarter century of being a Christian, Latter-day or otherwise. But a recent experience has taught me that sometimes, miracles do happen.