Only 2.7 percent of Americans pay a full tithe.

Pay tithing, be happy?

I feel uncomfortable when Mormon teachers and leaders suggest that greater health and happiness will follow when we pay tithing. But a new sociological study says it’s at least partly true.

Admit one movie

R-rated content in a PG Mormon life

It’s true that some R-worthy movies, books, and music have little to offer, either in artistic value or moral strength. But others absolutely do. For Mormons to close ourselves off to those cultural truths sight unseen is ridiculous.

Assault rifle

Portland school shooter was a Mormon teen

What will it take for Americans in general (and perhaps Mormons in particular) to stop the insanity and admit that there need to be reasonable limits on the availability of guns? How many children have to die?


The pain of being gay and Mormon at BYU

Homosexuality is not a phase someone is going through. It isn’t a temporary condition with which some people “struggle.” LGBT Mormons cannot “pray the gay away” or cure themselves by marrying someone of the opposite sex.

Enid vs. McConkie

Best. Mormon. Comic.

Comic book character “Enid” is a sharp, funny 15-year-old Mormon girl who wears “I Heart Dieter” t-shirts and argues with her seminary teacher. Creator Scott Hales talks about Enid and the daily comic’s growing cult following on Tumblr.