Let's stop the insanity, people, and take a step back. (Image courtesy of Shutterstock: http://tinyurl.com/oo2grf4)

Mormon and Evangelical Bullies Online

I’ve been deleting comments from angry Mormons, angry ex-Mormons, angry evangelicals who hate Mormons, and angry random guys who blog from their parents’ basements while wearing only their underwear. And I am sick of the rage that’s out there.

Logan Tarantino and Topher Rasmussen perform in Plan-B Theatre's 'Adam & Steve and the Empty Sea". Photo by Rick Pollock/courtesy Plan-B Theatre

Gay Mormon characters step out of the shadows

(RNS) Twenty years ago, a gay Mormon character stepped onstage for the first time in Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America.” A lot’s changed since then, fueled by the church’s role in Prop 8 and its efforts to build bridges to gays and lesbians.