Bassem Youssef

The “Egyptian Jon Stewart” on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, and Censorship

Bassem Youssef, “The Egyptian Jon Stewart”, has a column in which he takes to task the unfolding Egyptian Revolution/Coup for engaging in some of the same modalities of oppression and censorship that they have critiqued in the Muslim Brotherhood. Youssef’s note still marks the type of political maturity grounded in humanitarian outlook and self-critique that will eventually be part of what will deliver Egypt—and America—to the promised land of political equality.

Boykin Wonders if Obama is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Family Research Council’s new vice president Jerry Boykin has a penchant for making bizarre, conspiratorial claims about President Obama and extremist attacks on Muslims, and at a Massachusetts synagogue last week even wondered whether President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Responding to a questioner who asked if Obama is “a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Boykin replied, “you probably don’t know, and my answer is, I don’t know.”  Video courtesy of Right Wing Watch