Mandela's observations on leaving hatred behind in prison

Mandela and Martin: Quality of our living

Martin was born 11 years after Mandela, and has been dead for 45 years. We lose some of the beautiful ones far too early, and get to have others around for a while. Truly, it’s not the longevity of our life, it’s the quality of our living.

Mourners light candles outside the late Former President Nelson Mandela's Home in Houghton, Johannesburg. (Photo: GCIS)

Reaction to the death of Nelson Mandela

(RNS) As the world reacted to the death of South African hero Nelson Mandela, on Thursday (Dec. 5) at age 95, religious and political leaders added their voices to remember the man who brought down his nation’s race-dividing apartheid system. Here’s a sampling.

Obama Family in Nelson Mandela's prison cell.

Obama, Mandela, and Guantanamo Bay

As the President so poignantly commemorates Madiba, I want to urge him to remember another group of political prisoners who are wrongly imprisoned: More than half of the 166 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay have been cleared to be released by the United States’ own reckoning. it is an opportunity to go down as corrected one of the great wrongs of recent American history. It’s the right thing to do, and it would earn him–and the United States–a massive amount of good will. And who knows…one of those released prisoners may well turn out to be the next Mandela.
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