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Survey shows Catholic priests don’t like Mass changes

(RNS) Nothing can upset the folks in the pews as much as changing the liturgy that they’re used to, and that seemed likely to be the case when the Vatican ordered revisions to the familiar prayers of the Catholic Mass. But now, more than a year after the changes took effect, a survey of American priests shows that they are more disturbed by the innovations than their flock.

Colbert the Catechist

Saint Stephen of Comedy Central takes on Garry Wills, a terrific and maddening writer and historian — and confessed Catholic — who may be veering perilously close to caricature these days. He has a new book out, “Why Priests? A Failed Tradition,” and an Op-Ed in the New York Times arguing that Catholics who look with hope for change from a new pope are like Charlie Brown kicking the football — Lucy will always yank it away. But when he went on “The Colbert Report” to promote his new book he got some pretty good pushback from his host, a real-life catechist who came the closest I can ever recall to coming out of character while on the set. Watch:

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