A year off from Mormonism

I took a year-long sabbatical from going to church because I knew that if I didn’t, the alternative was probably to leave Mormonism for good.

Prayer candles

Why Don’t Mormons Recite the Lord’s Prayer?

Perhaps it is true that Mormons unconsciously use the words of the Lord’s Prayer as a pattern for prayer, but somehow I don’t think so, especially because most Mormons are never taught it. In fact, the manual for the Gospel Principles class, which teaches new members the foundations of a Mormon spiritual life, not only omits mention of the Lord’s Prayer in its lesson on prayer, but goes out of its way to caution against repeating “meaningless words and phrases.”


Hey, Mormon Woman! A No-Guilt Christmas Present

Hey, you! Mormon woman with the minivan. Does visiting teaching bog you down with miles of guilt? Do you pretend to have a fussy toddler when it's time for the annual visiting teaching conference, just so you can stay in the hall? When If you read the Ensign's monthly visiting teaching message to your assigned sister, do you feel like you're not measuring up and hope like hell you don't make her feel that way, too?