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To NC Republicans seeking to establish an official state religion: Shame on you.

There is an absolute disconnect between the North Carolina that we live in, and the pathetic, misinformed, patronizing, prejudiced legislation coming out of the NC legislature. So yes, Shame on You. And to recall Sesame Street: This message is brought to you by the letters S.H.A.M.E.. And the number 2013, as in the year that you should realize you are living in.

What Now? Our Redemption of the American Dream

And as for us, the citizens of this nation, I hope that we can shatter the messianic dream of a one-man Hope and Change operation.    There are no messiahs.    No one person, not even one as brilliant, eloquent, and cosmopolitan as the President, will redeem the American Dream.   That responsibility is up to all, each and every single one of us, all of us.