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Mormons, Evangelicals, and the Trinity

Evangelical seminary president Richard Land said yesterday that the Mormon Jesus is not our Jesus. But instead of focusing on actual differences, like Mormons’ and evangelicals’ views on the Trinity, his remarks reveal a deep misunderstanding of Mormon theology.

A coalition of evangelical leaders aiming to shape national immigration reform is expressing cautious optimism over a bill a bipartisan “Gang of Eight” senators introduced in Congress Wednesday (April 17).  Richard Land (center), a leading pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention, said the new bill meets a major criterion of many in the evangelical community, in that it is not an “amnesty” bill, but would require undocumented immigrants to work toward American citizenship. RNS photo by Caleb Bell

Evangelicals see promise in immigration proposal

WASHINGTON (RNS) Evangelicals’ tentative endorsement of the Senate’s immigration blueprint could be key because more than any other religious group, white evangelicals harbor the most reservations about opening citizenship to immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.

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Celebrities recall brushes with Graham in ‘Billy & Me’

(RNS) Evangelist Billy Graham has rubbed elbows with celebrities ranging from presidents to journalists to musicians. In “Billy Graham & Me,” a new book in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul’’ franchise that was released Tuesday, 101 people who have met Graham on the public stage share their private memories of the 94-year-old preacher.