3 practical steps to remove bitterness from Valentine’s Day

So many of us give in by bemoaning the capitalist and corporate appropriation of love by the Chocolate, Cards, and Rose Industrial Complex. (All of which is true). But none of that removes the bitterness from our hearts, and perhaps even augments it. So here are three practical steps to move from bitterness to joy on this Valentine’s Day.


The Love Language legacy: A Valentine’s Day interview with Gary Chapman

Note: Each Friday, “On Faith & Culture” will feature an exclusive interview with a Christian thought leader or a voice of importance to the American Christian community. Dr. Gary Chapman, internationally respected marriage and family life expert and author of The Five Love Languages, has helped countless numbers of people communicate and understand love better. The consistent New York Times bestseller has sold more than five million copies, been translated into 38 languages, and has revolutionized relationships. This Valentine’s Day, we took a moment to reflect on the 20-year legacy of his revolutionary ideas. JM: What’s your take on Valentine’s Day?