Sarah Palin, seen here campaigning with husband Todd in Lakewood, Ohio, in 2008, started her political career talking about her Christian faith but has since backed off, says biographer Stephen Mansfield. RNS file photo by Tracy Boulian/The Plain Dealer

Sarah Palin to write Christmas book

(RNS) Sarah Palin’s new book on Christmas will argue that “it is imperative that we stand up for our beliefs before the element of faith in a glorious and traditional holiday like Christmas is marginalized and ignored,” she says.

Why Ayn Rand is Paul Ryan’s favorite philosopher and a problem for some Christians

“You've got a guy who is a rising Republican star, and who wrote the budget, saying he's read her books and Washington needs more of her values,” said Eric Sapp, executive director of the American Values Network, which is trying to tie Paul Ryan to atheist philosopher Ayn Rand. “If you're a Christian, you've got to ask some serious questions about what's going on here.”