NEWS SIDEBAR: Ballot initatives related to faith and morality

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c. 1996 Religion News Service

(UNDATED) Here is a rundown of the voting on ballot initiatives with moral dimensions or in which churches and religious groups played an activist role:


Colorado: Defeated a measure that would have amended the state constitution with a provision declaring that parents have ultimate rights in matters of educating and disciplining their children.


Arizona: Approved a measure to permit more Indian casinos.

Arkansas: Rejected a measure to legalize charitable bingo, authorize casinos in Hot Springs, Ark., and create a state lottery.

Colorado: Rejected gambling in the city of Trinidad, Colo.

Louisiana: Six parishes with riverboat gambling voted to keep it and 23 others voted to allow it; 30 parishes kept video poker games and 34 Rejected it.

Michigan: Rejected a ban on use of bingo for political fund raisers.

Nebraska: Rejected a constitutional amendment to allow off-track betting.

Ohio: Defeated a constitutional amendment to allow riverboat gambling.

Washington: Rejected a proposal to allow 500 slot machines at Indian casinos.

West Virginia: Voters in Jefferson County agreed to allow video gambling at the Charles Town racetrack.


Colorado: Rejected a measure that would have imposed property taxes on churches and other nonprofit organizations.


California: Approved a measure banning the use of affirmative action on the basis of race or sex in public hiring, contracting and education.


Montana: In a vote widely perceived as directed at the militant right-wing militias in the state, voters approved a measure that allows lawsuits against people who engage in unlawful threats or intimidation that causes injury or harm and bans the filing of bogus property liens.


Alabama: Approved a measure amending the constitution to make hunting a protected right.

Alaska: Banned wolf-hunting from airplanes.

Colorado: Banned leghold traps.

Idaho: Rejected a ban on black-bear hunting in the spring using bait or dogs.

Massachusetts: Banned padded leghold traps and hunting bears or bobcats with bait or dogs.

Oregon: Defeated effort to repeal ban on hunting bears and cougars with bait or dogs.

Washington: Banned hunting bears, cougars and bobcats with bait or dogs.


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