Romney Reactions

It seems that reactions to Mitt Romney's speech seem to fall into three categories. The first is positive. It comes from inside the beltway or Mormon circles; the speech was a hit. The second are the mixed results coming from the heartland; the speech will do little to sway evangelical voters. And the third, from across the nation is negative; it was unfortunate that the Governor had to explain his faith and that Mitt is no JFK.
First, the praise.
"Mitt Romney, who sure looked presidential, explained effectively that he is a man of faith who is committed to America's values."
-- Kate O’Beirne - National Review’s The Corner
"For the first time in this campaign and it has been long already, I heard greatness this morning."
-- Chris Matthews - MSNBC
"It was a magnificent speech, splendidly delivered, it was moving… I don't know how he could have done it better. I mean I was very moved."
-- Pat Buchanan - MSNBC
The Salt Lake Tribune: Speech was a hit.
E.J. Dionne was one of the few journalists who offered praise, albeit muted.
Next, the uncertainty.
Friday, the Des Moines Register published this piece asserting that the speech was a day late and a dollar short for the average man. The LA Times echoed such sentiments, here. The Wall Street Journal ran the same story.
Bill Tammeus of the Kansas City Star wrote a positive article, but it still started out reminding Kansans that, according to Mormons, American Indians descended from Hebrews.
Bill’s colleague Rhonda Chriss Lokeman wrote a snarky piece that referred to Romney only as “Big Love”, a reference to the HBO series about a polygamist.
The final category of reactions, regretting that the speech happened and comparisons to JFK.
The Salt Lake Tribune's Rebecca Walsh bemoaned the fact that the Governor had to make the speech, here,
NYT's David Brooks touched on the culture war aspect of the speech.
Maureen Dowd wrote perhaps the most scathing opinion piece on it.
David Kusnet wrote a similar piece, "Mitt Romney, you are no JFK."
And a Boston Globe editorial regretted that Romney had to target evangelicals so explicitly over other religious groups.
Clearly, reactions were mixed.