Dallas Goes Against the Establishments

The Dallas Morning News endorses Huckabee and Obama. When the biggest journalistic voice in Texas decides it's time for both parties to turn the page, it's worth taking note.
On Huck's religion the money quote is:

His religious conservatism, particularly his past rhetoric on women and gays, can be alarming. But religious conservatives aren't easily pigeonholed. A liberal Arkansas professor told The New York Times Magazine that Mr. Huckabee was a good governor. ''When he first came to office, people like me were worried about the religious aspect," she said. "And he is very orthodox on gays, guns and God. But he knows there's more than just these issues."

The paper goes on to praise Huck's "stout heart for working families and the poor."
On Obama, the kicker goes, "Americans are tired of divisive, hard-edged politics. Democrats would inspire a refreshingly new approach by choosing Mr. Obama as their 2008 candidate."