On December 30, the Birmingham News published this op-ed from Randy Brinson, chair of the Christian Coalition of Alabama. It's not exactly clear what Brinson is arguing, but he seems to want to put a little space between himself and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who has dismissed as deceptive all Democratic efforts to incorporate religion into their campaigns. Perhaps the most interesting sentence is the following: "Republicans, too, have had a great deal of difficulty with the language of faith and what the Bible teaches Christians to do beyond homosexuality and abortion." What follows is an extended take-down of Mitt Romney, but nary a mention of Mike Huckabee. It's worth recalling that it was the Christian Coalition of Alabama that opposed Gov. Bob Riley's failed effort to make the state tax code fairer for the poor. In any event, I'd say that Brinson offers a case in point of the uncertainty reigning in Religious Right circles these days.