Shira Shoenberg's article in yesterday's Concord Monitor shows how successful Obama has been in conveying his religious side, as a person and as a candidate. Even the evangelical pastor, who wouldn't vote for any candidate who supports abortion rights, finds him a "genuinely spiritual person." The key quote is from a UCC minister and Obama supporter: "People talk about the Christian church and think right-wing fundamentalism," said the Rev. Leanne Tigert, a pastoral psychotherapist and United Church of Christ minister in Concord who supports Obama. "Obama has really opened up an avenue for many of us 'progressive people of faith' that says you don't speak for us. We are people of faith, we are pro-choice, pro-gay lesbian equality, civil rights. . . . He's giving us a voice." Mainline Protestants have been trending Democratic in recent elections. And there are still a lot of Mainline Protestants at large in America.