What about us?

Yesterday, leaders of the possibly growing left wing of American evangelicalism issued a protest letter to the big media outlets complaining about the fact that, in the Iowa "entrance" poll and the NH exit poll, only participants on the Republican side were asked if they would describe themselves "as a born again or evangelical Christian." Why the polls did that is not a mystery, of course. The evangelical vote is a big factor on the GOP side--and after all, in recent general elections two-third to three-quarters of evangelicals have voted Republican. Still, there's been a lot of talk about the possibility that white evangelicals are going to start looking more closely at Democratic candidates, and one way to gauge that would be to see the extent to which they are voting in Democratic primaries. (Of course, it will be important to include the cross-tab for race, since most black churchgoers also consider themselves born again.) So, to the polling gurus, a hearty second from this blog. To be sure, the news may not turn out to be so good for the evangelical left--but we'll presume that those guys are big enough to deal with something other than Good News.

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