Dobson v. McCain

Makes you wonder whether Dobson regrets not supporting Huckabee...or Romney...or Thompson...or....


  1. What petulance!
    Could this be a face saving effort by Dobson in view of the almost certain large shift of evangelical voters away from his beloved Republicans to the Democratic candidates?
    Dobson seems incapable of giving a straight forward description of the positions that McCain has taken; instead he distorts virtually everyone of them.
    His contention that McCain is “not a conservative” is a misleading way of saying that McCain is not wedded to the ultra socially conservative agenda of Dobson.
    The “worst choices for President in my lifetime” (which is about as long as is Dobson’s) were: George W. Bush against Kerry; Nixon against McGovern; and G.H.W. Bush vs Dukakis. All of them involved at least one dud against a less than sterling opponent. That just goes to show the sort of hyperbole to which Dobson regularly resorts.
    Given a choice between McCain’s alleged obscene language and Dobson’s genuinely obscene positions on social issues, I would heartedly embrace McCain–and he is not anywhere near my favorite candidate.

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