From the Mountaintop

For lo, the prophet descended from the mountain--make that Pike's Peak--with a New Commandment, which read, Thou Shalt Vote for Huckabee. But it was as the voice of one crying in the wilderness, for the Straight Talk Express had already departed, with many of the Israelites on board.
Or something. Amid the plucking of the entrails of Mitt Romney's failed campaign, it's worth contemplating the inability of the putative leaders of the religious right to get their act together this campaign season. Dobson, it turns out, was carrying the torch for Romney, but he seemed incapable of actually carrying through on the endorsement that might have made a difference--beginning in, like, Iowa. I've long felt that Dobson's little empire was, in an emulous regard for the Saints across the mountains, modeled on Salt Lake City. But somehow he choked on actually endorsing the Mormon, and so is left with a guy that he and most of his peers seemed desperate not to endorse. And Republicans are left with another creature of the Mountain West, the cowboy from Sedona. In a land of spiritual enclaves, that's one that bears little resemblance to either Salt Lake or Colorado Springs.