No-Count Huckabee

The Huckabee campaign has been justifiably on the warpath because Washington State Republican Party chair Luke Esser stopped counting ballots Saturday evening with 1,700 to go and McCain leading Huck by 242. And, oh, Esser declared McCain the winner. Given the totals--there were lots of votes, relatively speaking, cast for Romney, Paul, and Uncommitted--that's actually a fair amount of ground for Huck to make up. It almost makes you wonder if Esser knows something about which caucuses are outstanding. There are some major megachurches in Washington that could easily have turned a few hundred folks out for one of their own. By the same token, you've got to figure that the Huckabee folks are kicking themselves for not putting a little effort into the State of Washington, where evangelicals constitute a significant subculture.