Dems by Religion

A new Gallup poll breaks down the Democratic primary electorate by religion. Gallup properly ledes its story with the finding that Jewish Democrats favor Clinton by a small amount (48 percent to 43 percent) that is within the margin of error. Exit polls in states with a sufficiently large Jewish population to provide meaningful results have tended to show a greater preference for Clinton (though there have been exceptions, such as Connecticut and Massachusetts). In context, the real news here is that Jews are more likely to support Obama than white Protestants or Catholics of any sort. For although Protestants (including "other Christians") slightly favor Obama, white Protestants prefer Clinton 56 percent to 34 percent (just about the same percentages as Catholics). Obama makes up the difference by garnering the support of those belonging to other religions and those with no religion. Really, then, Obama doesn't have a Jewish problem. He has a white Christian problem--at least with respect to Clinton.