Interfaith Clinton Smackdown

This interfaith condemnation of Hillary Clinton's poke at Barack Obama for sticking with Jeremiah Wright is pretty newsworthy. It reads, in part:

Today, you took a new and disquieting step when you decided that it would be to your political benefit to wade into the waters of the issues surrounding Senator Barack Obama and his former pastor. This crosses the line and brings us full force into the zone of the politics of personal destruction.

The signatories include several of the most important denominational figures in the black church: T. DeWitt Smith, president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention; Michael Battle, president of the Interdenominational Theological Seminary; Philip R. Cousin, Sr.,Senior Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; Stephen John Thurston, President National Baptist Convention of America. I'm a little surprised no religion reporter has done a story. Have I missed something?