McCain Courts RCs

As Reid suggested, Wayne Slater's piece on John McCain's "quiet" courtship of Catholics in yesterday's Dallas Morning News is pretty good. The evidence of the courtship is rather slim, however: 10 staffers contacting Catholic voters in Florida. That includes lot of Cuban-Americans--a natural McCain constituency. I'd have liked to see more evidence of some kind of concerted approach--like: Is anybody in charge of Catholic outreach in the McCain campaign? The fact that McCain did well among Catholics in the GOP primaries, when he barely had a campaign staff, is evidence of not much of anything in the way of active courtship.
UPDATE: Here is the list of McCain's Catholic leadership team which includes some movers and shakers. Notable players include; Warren Sweeney former exec. dir. National Right to Life Committee, former OK Gov. and Chairman of the Catholic Bishops Review Board Frank Keating, and Martin Dannenfelser former VP of the Family Research Council.