Another Clinton Pastor

Mathews.jpgToday's New York Sun features Russell Berman's interview with Hillary Clinton's sometime pastor Edward Matthews, who retired 10 years ago from the Methodist church that she attended in Little Rock when she was the gubernatorial spouse there. In a genial way, Matthews more or less speaks up in defense of Jeremiah Wright, as well as of his former parishioner, who injected herself into the controversy by saying that she would not have remained in a Wright-led church. The kicker:

"It would be totally out of character for her to say, ‘I’m going to leave a church because I’m mad at Jeremiah Wright,’” Mr. Matthews said. “She’s just simply saying that if these were ongoing, regular kind of things, I probably would not stay a member of that church. That doesn’t mean I would quit liking him or quit respecting him or quit wanting him to be able to say what he wants to say.”