Thanks but no thanks

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Eden's Curve.jpgFollowers of this blog know that we’ve been following the race in Virginia’s fifth congressional district, where up-and-coming progressive Catholic Tom Perriello, who has his campaign workers tithing their time for community service, is trying to unseat that goodest of Virginia good ol’ boys, Virgil Goode, who made a bit of a name for himself denouncing the first Muslim member of Congress a couple of years back. According to the polls, Perriello has been closing the gap–to as little as eight points (48-42) last week.
Now comes a story from that not exactly liberal rag, the Danville (Va.) Register & Bee, associating Goode with the making of what might be considered a pro-gay film called Eden’s Curve. Nothing wrong with that, of course, except for maybe a little hypocrisy problem. Here’s the lede:

Though he actively opposes any rights for homosexuals, a film exploring homosexuality, thanks Congressman Virgil Goode in the credits.
A 2003 film that has been described as a gay coming of age story at a posh Virginia college involves Goode’s press secretary Linwood Duncan and Jerry Meadors, director of a project Goode has supported with Federal dollars in the past. In the closing credits, the film thanks Goode himself.

And maybe a little earmark problem:

In 2003, the same year the movie was produced, Congressman Goode earmarked $150,000 Federal taxpayer dollars to Danville’s North Theater, where Meadors serves as artistic director.
The Danville Register & Bee at the time questioned Goode’s perceived favoritism with these projects because Duncan and Goode’s wife Lucy are both on the board of the North Theater
In 2003, Duncan told the Register & Bee he didn’t see any conflict with the earmarked dollars. “I don’t even know how a question of a conflict even arises,” he said.

And what does the Perriello campaign have to say about this? Not a thing.