Madoff Culpa

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Here’s what he had to say yesterday by way apology.

I am actually grateful for this first opportunity to publicly speak
about my crimes, for which I am so deeply sorry and ashamed. As I
engaged in my fraud, I knew what I was doing was wrong, indeed
criminal. When I began the Ponzi scheme I believed it would end shortly
and I would be able to extricate myself and my clients from the scheme.
However, this proved difficult, and ultimately impossible, and as the
years went by I realized that my arrest and this day would inevitably
come. I am painfully aware that I have deeply hurt many, many people,
including the members of my family, my closest friends, business
associates and the thousands of clients who gave me their money. I
cannot adequately express how sorry I am for what I have done. I am
here today to accept responsibility for my crimes by pleading guilty
and, with this plea allocution, explain the means by which I carried
out and concealed my fraud.