Steele’s thoughts on faith

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Although much has been written about Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s comments about abortion and same-sex marriage, he also had some provocative things to say about his Catholic faith in his recent GQ interview.

Steele, who opted for a life of politics after considering a life of ministry, says he has advice for those considering joining a religious order:

“Never look at it in terms of what you’re giving up, because you’re not giving up anything. You’re making a choice to live your life a certain way _ celibate, poor, and obedient.”

He also has his own views about the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal:

“I remember, when I left the order, saying to my novice master that, you know, throughout the priesthood there are those who should be taking this step that I’m taking today. And sure enough _ what 10 years later? _ the scandals start breaking.”

Steele, who the magazine says taught economics as a seminarian, recalled his mother telling him how he was adopted from an infant home affiliated with Catholic Charities.

And how does he deal with criticism? “I just pray on it,” he said. Pressed, he said. “Oh yeah. And I ask God, `Hey let me show just a little bit of love, so I absolutely don’t go out and kick this person’s ass.”’

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