Election tidbits

* Among Delaware's white college graduates, Christine O'Donnell loses by just three percentage points.

* Among New York's white males, Andrew Cuomo wins by just two percentage points.

* In Pennsylvania, Sestak and Toomey split the Catholic vote.

* In Kentucky, white evangelicals go for the Aqua-Buddhist by better than two to one.

* In Indiana, white evangelicals go for Coats by better than three to one.

* South Carolina and Tennessee establish a constitutional right to hunt. Arizona doesn't.

* Coloradans decline to apply
personhood--and all of its rights--from "the beginning of the
biological development" of a human being; and likewise to prohibit themselves from being
penalized for refusing to buy health insurance.

* Connecticut, the Land of Steady Habits, reelects all its members of Congress, keeps a Democratic senator, and send Freedom, Faith, and Fortune down to defeat.)

* Hawaii marches to the beat of a different drummer.