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Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Vatican Victory, Skinny Dipping Redux and Megachurch Highs

A federal judge in Oregon rules the Holy See is not the employer of molester priests. Romney tears into a skinny dipping congressman. And some say you can get high off a megachurch service.

AZAdams via Flickr

AZAdams via Flickr

The Vatican wins a major victory in Oregon where a federal judge ruled that it is not the employer of molester priests.

A new study suggests you can get high off a megachurch service.

Heavily-Mormon and Bible Belt states are the top donors to charity, a new report shows.

A professor says he was fired from a seminary for his evangelical beliefs.

A group of Mormon women seek a middle ground between demanding the priesthood and accepting traditional roles in the church.

Some Wisconsin Catholics are praying for both Paul Ryan and Joe Biden to change their hearts and minds.

An accused congressman says he was not part of that skinny dipping fiasco in the Sea of Galilee. Romney and Ryan rip into another one of the accused reps, who has acknowledged his nakedness.

The United Church of Canada has voted to boycott some Israeli products.

Back on the air: a fiery Pakistani televangelist accused of inciting violence against the minority Ahmadis.

On the lam: two members of the Russian band Pussy Riot, whose other members were sentenced last week for hooliganism in a Russian Orthodox Church. AP writer Lynn Berry notes that the punishment doled out to the apprehended members of the band doesn't look so unusual to much of the world.

More evidence on the health benefits of circumcision, as the rates continue to decline in the U.S.

Jewish activist David Bernstein asks if it's sometimes better to ignore anti-Semitism.

Goodbye to Calvin Miller, theologin and author of “The Singer.”

Photo courtesy of AZAdam via Flickr

– Lauren Markoe

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