Now that we have a Pope, let’s talk about truth


Peter Kreeft provides answers to the ten important questions everyone should ask

SAN FRANCISCO, March 20, 2013 – Faith is very important. The world has witnessed that over the last five weeks as the Catholic Church waited for its new faith leader. But as we have observed from commentary and cultural reactions to the moral positions the new Holy Father holds, the ability to distinguish truth doesn’t come from faith, but through reason.

Catholic philosopher and critically acclaimed author Peter Kreeft tackles this position head-on in his latest book, JACOB’S LADDER: 10 Steps to Truth, available now from Ignatius Press.

Kreeft addresses ten important questions that he says everyone should ask as a means of getting to ultimate truth. In this clever approach, Kreeft answers these questions in an imaginary conversation between very different people who meet at the beach.

Kreeft’s characters start at the beginning, at the bottom of the ladder, which is the passion for truth. When it comes to the most important questions a person can ask, no mere interest in philosophical dabbling will do. The passion for truth does not stop there, however, but carries the reader from one page to the next in this thought-provoking adventure of the mind.

Dr. Christopher Kaczor, professor of philosophy at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, remarks about Kreeft’s book, “With clarity, wit, and insight, the characters of his dialogue consider some of the most central questions in human life – including truth, meaning, love, God and Jesus – in a way that is both entertaining and accessible.”

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