Faith Based Supernatural Drama Teaser Wins a 2013 Telly Award!

PHOENIX, Arizona – March 26, 2013 – The 34th Annual Telly Awards presents The Sky's The Limit Productions with a "Bronze" Telly in this year's 2013 Telly Awards for the faith-based "teaser," The Five-Day Crucifixion."

Among the 13,000 entries submitted from around the world, a judging panel of over 500 accomplished industry professionals, each a past winner of a Silver Telly Award, and a member of The Silver Telly Council, judged the competition. Based on its own merit and unique distinction in creativity, each entry is weighed against the high standard of The Silver Telly Council.

“The Five Day Crucifixion” is based on a full-feature screenplay, written by Salvatore A. Bono.  Filmed on location in Scottsdale and Gold Canyon, Arizona, the teaser was jointly produced by The Sky's The Limit Productions, and Quicksilver Consortium the production arm of ShowBiz Arizona.

John Santo's "life and death" struggle with Satan is a “high stakes” spiritual battle between good and evil. John's resolve wavers when he's tempted by the love of a beautiful woman only to find out that his surroundings are not what they appear to be. Immersed in a battlefield of lies, deceit, and violence, John’s struggle for survival hinges on his ability to persevere and stand true to his faith in God. Satan's power to seduce John is galvanized when John's daughter is thrust in the middle of their spiritual war. "Follow me John, and renounce your faith in God or your daughter will die" is Satan's ultimatum. With his child's life and his soul on the line, John must either defeat Satan, or surrender his soul in exchange for saving his daughter's life.

"This is a tremendous achievement that is reflective of the cast and crew's performance, translating a spiritually uplifting vision into a reality. Winning such a prestigious award for the teaser is a validation from my peers that brings this project one step closer to becoming a full-feature production. We're actively participating in film festivals across the country to generate the interest and exposure necessary to partner with the right producers into realizing this screenplay into a full-feature film," says Bono.

The Five-Day Crucifixion joins a growing number of spiritually themed movies being produced in the film industry. It’s noted that Bono's timing in producing the teaser coincides with Hollywood's influx of faith-based productions that are gaining mainstream popularity.

"Hollywood's premise behind producing movies is to make money. However, while many of today's projects struggle with originality it's certainly a welcome trend to see that A-list actors and directors aren't afraid to participate in morally themed yet entertaining work. “The Five-Day Crucifixion” has all the ingredients of a successful production, both financially, and artistically, says Bono."

Executive Producer and Written by Salvatore A. Bono, Producer and Directed by Stephen Wade Nebgen, Assistant Director, Steve Carmichael, and starring: Seth Gandrud as John Santo, Kathleen Benner as Calliope/Satan, Aaron-Ginn Forseberg as Jesus Christ, Matthew Crosby as Pastor Sonny Romeo, and James Ray as Biker.

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