1. Wow! So excited, and how fun to see how my and LaVonne’s ideas came together!!

  2. Author

    Congratulations, and thank you so much for the all-around awesomeness. You should have just received your Amazon card.

  3. Love the bird making off with the B – great idea, Ellen! The cover now looks just right. And thanks for the Amazon card. I found it before I read your FB update, Jana, and I thought, Oh great, another scam… Blessed are the cynics, for their surprises are always happy ones!

  4. “Put a bird on it” is from a Portlandia episode. Now you can sound as hip as me. 🙂 …. unless it showed up somewhere else first? (If you google the phrase on You Tube you can see the skit.) Love the Logo!

  5. Ooops – should have read the comments. Sorry – you are “in the know” already!

  6. Author

    Well, if “in the know” means “I found out about it half an hour beforehand and am now trying to act cool,” then yes. Sounds like I should add Portlandia to the list of TV shows I should watch once everything else gets done. Somehow that never seems to happen, though — how is that?

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