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Roma Downey: Why we cut Satan from ‘Son of God’

Satan in the miniseries "The Bible." Photo courtesy of The History Channel.

(Editor’s note: This commentary first appeared in USA Today)

(RNS) I played an angel on “Touched by an Angel” for almost a decade, and I’ve learned a thing or two about spiritual warfare:

  • We shine his light but the darkness exists.
  • The devil is real.
  • When you are trying to do something good in the world there will always be opposition.

Tired of cursing the darkness, my husband Mark and I wanted to shine a light. To do this, we set up a production company called LightWorkers Media. “The Bible” miniseries, born out of this intention and released last year, grew so popular that we were able to make it into our Jesus film, “Son of God.”

Satan in the miniseries "The Bible." Photo courtesy of The History Channel.

Satan in the miniseries “The Bible.” Photo courtesy of the History Channel

“The Bible” series was in its third week when Jesus began to appear on the big screen. There was great excitement that Jesus was coming, with our trailers, various talk shows and even Twitter buzzing with anticipation.

He was beautiful and strong and kind and compassionate. His presence uplifted and encouraged people. It was everything we had hoped for.

But there was supernatural opposition at work. The devil was also in that episode. Someone made a comment that the actor who played the devil vaguely resembled our president, and suddenly the media went nuts. It went global, showing up all over TV and the Internet. That next day, when I was sure everyone would only be talking about Jesus, they were talking about Satan instead.

This is a battle of light and darkness.

It became ugly when people started making nasty statements. Something that had been born of a beautiful intention was suddenly under attack, and we were caught in the middle of spiritual warfare.

I knew it was just like Satan the narcissist to make it all about him and create division. I am sure he loved being the center of attention for even one day.

But for our movie, “Son of God,” I wanted all of the focus to be on Jesus. I want his name to be on the lips of everyone who sees this movie, so we cast Satan out. It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil is on the cutting room floor. This is now a movie about Jesus, the Son of God, and the devil gets no more screen time, no more distractions.

You may think of me as a gentle Irish angel, but nobody, not even the devil, should mess with me. Get behind me Satan. This is a love story, and nothing anyone can do will stop that message from reaching millions of people. The darkness is no match for the light, something we are assured of in the book of John where it says: “And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

Actress Roma Downey plays Jesus' mother Mary in 'The Bible' drama documentary.  RNS photo courtesy History Channel.

Actress Roma Downey plays Jesus’ mother, Mary, in “The Bible” drama documentary. RNS photo courtesy of the History Channel

In Morocco, on the set of the movie, we had a snake man, to clear our locations of snakes and scorpions. Each day he would clear one or two snakes. But on the morning of the crucifixion scene we had asked everyone we knew to pray. That morning when I got to the set, the snake man had a writhing cloth bag at the side of the road with over 40 snakes in it. He had cleared them from around the foot of the cross. The symbolism of the snake was not lost on us. Prayer — and the snake man — had cleared the way.

We have so many people praying for the movie and we are grateful for all the prayers for us, our team and our movie. We pray that all the “snakes” that may be thrown in our path will be cleared between now, and Feb. 28, so that the movie will have a successful opening, and will bring glory to God.

(Roma Downey plays Mary, the mother of Christ, and is the producer of the film, “Son Of God.”)


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  • Hey Roma, the devil also loves when you water down God’s word, teach false doctrine and generally lead people away from truth. Satan is indeed “behind you”. He supports your efforts completely.

  • I agree with Jay 100%! Roma buckled under criticism, and re-wrote the Bible, changing God’s message to us and proving just how real, powerful & evil satan is!
    She did the Devil’s bidding!
    Roma, you need to get down on your knees & ask God to forgive you for what you have done!

  • J-Man, Babs, if you aren’t going to like what is being produced, why don’t you produce your own movie?

    Let the nice semi-working actress and her game show producer husband do their work fleecing Christian families for easy entertainment dollars.

    Gawd, you two are like a bunch of comic book nerds who get in a tizzy because Ryan Reynolds’ version of the Green Lantern oath was different from the one in issue 205 from 1965.

  • Well, let’s give Roma and Mark a LITTLE credit. Hollywood, New York, etc., are putting out nothing but demon-possessed toilet TV every day, and Roma and Mark DID try to light up the darkness a little with their new show.

    However, Roma DID water it down, and so I’m afraid I can’t watch their show. I’m a REAL man, so I gotta have a REAL Bible. No edits, No excuses, no escape-hatches.

    If the critics whine that Satan somehow looks like Obama, then it’s NOT a matter of removing Satan from the Bible. It’s just a matter of Obama stopping his constant aggravated betrayal of American Christianity, and start getting things right already.

  • No version of the Bible adapted to another medium can hope to capture every element of the Bible story(ies) faithfully. In the same way that a movie based on a novel must adapt things that just cannot be conveyed the same in text as in a visual medium, a movie based on the story of Jesus cannot help but make decisions about what stays in and what doesn’t.

    This is even MORE true about the story of Jesus, since as we all know, the Bible isn’t just ONE book, but a collection of books, and in particular, we’re talking about how we adapt the story of Jesus as it appears in FOUR Gospels to a visual medium. At this point, it is important to note that one of those very Gospels, the gospel according to John, does not include the story of the temptation of Jesus Christ by Satan.

    There may well be areas of legitimate criticism for the choices Ms. Downey makes in her adaptation, but if we criticize her for this one, we must at least be willing to recognize that one of the writers behind the very Bible we’re seeking to defend did the same.

  • Thank you Roma and Mark for making The Bible series and The Son Of God! You already know spiritual warfare is part of your ministry. Roma and Mark, I’m sure you realize that John’s Gospel has no temptation account, and Mark’s Gospel barely states that it happened! Keep in mind many Christians are blessed by Jesus’ temptation experience because we see specifically how Jesus faced his strong temptations and overcame them! I pray in the name of Jesus that you will include the temptation account when you release the DVD to the public. I encourage you in the name of Jesus to pay attention to the Bible and less on criticisms of your Jesus-motivated ministry.

  • Coffee just ejected from my nose. That was hilarious. Unfortunately those minds clouded by religious belief will fail to see the humor,

    Although supposedly created by god, Downey easily referrers to satan as “supernatural”, but obviously feels her jesus is as natural as it can get. Then it gets even weirder when she says “You may think of me as a gentle Irish angel”, Now who in their right mind would be so out of tune with reality that they would think that an Irish actress on a TV show would have actually been a real life angel from the bible…………………………….oh wait, now I get it.

    Doc, REAL men and women don’t need superstitious belief to give them the warm and fuzzies that they will live forever. REAL men and women also don’t need to pick and choose from both immoral and moral teaching to find morals that match what they already know to be correct from a collection of books written by men in the bronze age of our world.

    REAL men and women take life as it is, a beautiful thing we are fortunate to have, and live it morally, not because of some words written in an ancient text, but because they know it is the only way we can all enjoy this beautiful life.

    Religion poisons the mind!

  • Right Earold! BTW, is that your real name? “Real men live life morally etc… I supose your morality accepts abortion on demand through nine months, homosexuality as beautiful, shoving same down the throats of society includung Kindergaten children, and “free love” of all kinds as good and wholseome morality. That’s usually the way it is with you less than honest with yoursleves, atheists! And, about that name, EAR-old Gunter, by any chance are you a holdover from the Third Reich?

  • What do you expect from a country where every university teaches that there is no such thing as God. It is all in your mind ! God was created to keep everyone in line.
    I remember long ago we know the bible according to MGM and it made a lasting impression on us.
    Yes the movie may not be exactly according to the bible, but like what Jesus said. If you are not against me, you are with me.
    Keep up the good work.

  • The “bible” can be interrupted in so many ways and to put it on the screen by someones account of what really happened would be impossible. Not all of the apostles words are there by those who were probably helped by Paul to write their experiences and 6 of the apostles did not write anything – they just preached. Then the printing press was not invented until the 1400’s, interrupted from greek and armenian to all other languages, do we really have any true account??? We do know Jesus did many miracles and gave us the Eucharist. This is the main thing He did-take the place of the lamb. And it is left out of many christian practices -all but one. Satan is alive and well and loving every minute of deceiving, luring, getting the souls of many to follow him to his end -hell.
    There are 2 parts to humans, a body and a soul. The body will die in less than 100 yrs, usually, and rot. The soul will go to another place and live forever. Our choice is to let the body lure the soul into sin and follow the devil or to follow the commandments and teachings of God=Jesus, and go to a beautiful place prepared for our souls to live forever. If one keeps that goal in mind, it is more easy to keep our bodily senses in control!

  • If you have the Crucifixion, you already acknowledge Jesus vanquished the devil. Not to mention Satan will now make it seem he does not exist…. that may be a false truth… even little children preparing for confession learn about the enemy… we must be very careful when we undertake such grand enterprise.

    God bless you

  • Spiritual warefare is present in these comments as well. I’ll wait to critique after I’ve watched the movie. I think the elimination of that actor would have been best served by a replacement, but we’ll see. They don’t have to show Satan they just need to acknowledge his presence in Jesus temptation etc. Best leaving him in the shadows as he is today, although he is active. I welcome the movie attempt and even if it isn’t perfect, it at least isn’t Hollywood. They will twist much more than this. Watch Noah and you’ll see what I mean. What a shame.

  • Without an Enemy, we have no need of a Savior! The Satan figure did not detracted from the series… it made it real. I’m sure there are other ways of depicting this… Just hope its not a “milk toast” Jesus movie.

  • This is so typical of our society (especially Hollywood):
    Oh yes it does. And by cutting the devil from the movie you’re simply covering for him.
    Satan literally vomits filth at people through the media all day long but have him appear in a movie….NOOOO!! That might mean there’s something called SIN!
    Hollyweird can’t go there…

  • Satan within the stories in the Bible is a real factor. Just because you found an excellent cast member for the role….you cannot leave this segment out because he resembles someone also in power. You will have altered written scripture; hence those of power often tailor written dogma. Woe to those who change the truths believed. Put him back!

  • The only problem is that people do not believe in the existence of Satan, nor are aware of the spiritual warfare waged against the light. Obscurity has been Satan’s greatest conquest. How can one appreciate the great light without the imposing darkness? I think the devil wins by being relegated to the cutting room floor.

  • What is the deal with the oral fixation of Bible thumpers? Everything remotely different from their views is “rammed down their throats”. Its like they are trying to tell us something in secret. 😉

    So Johnny, Hanklee, your arguments are that Earold has a quasi-teutonic sounding name, therefore should be the subject of personal insults and aspersions on his character. Nice. Were you guys homeschooled?

  • i am afraid Roma I have lost respect for you….You cannot make a film about the Son of God and ignore his chief adversary the Devil..You definitely bowed to the pressure. So what if Obama looks like the Devil? A good portrayal if you ask me!!

  • Hey folks, have you seen this movie yet? How did she rewrite the Bible exactly? From what I read about this article she is right. The devil is very much angry with anyone who glorifies the Risen Savior. I think it is fine that she left the devil on the cutting floor. I am very sorry that people like Jay and Barbara want to get down on Roma without even seeing the movie yet. This should be a message of love and light. She and her husband took a beating in the press for no reason. Thank you Roma for taking a stand!!

  • ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the life’, says the Lord. We’ve seen Jesus show us the way, in His earthly life. Now, just before the Truth is removed by way of the antichrist, Jesus is giving us the Truth…a deeper understanding of what is required to pass through tribulation on our very way to Paradise, following Him. I commend you in your service and love of The Lord, Roma and Mark. God Bless

  • Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God and emphasized God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. Jesus warned of the devil but did NOT dwell on the devil.
    Spiritual warfare is real. It manifests itself in contrariness and negative attitudes about Jesus Christ and the pettiness of people who look to undermine any activity related to God. Jesus Christ conquered sin, death and the evil one once and for all through his death and resurrection. Why all these petty remarks about a biblical movie are being made is hard tell why. All people need to do if they haven’t already is to open their hearts to the free Grace of God.

  • Hey John D? Yes, that is my name. Welsh by the way. I always use it when I make comments because I feel its more honest to do so, don’t you agree, John D?

    Actually I don’t like abortion, but since I don’t have a vagina, it is never going to be my decision to make. I am a patriot though, and believe in the rights our citizenship in the great country gives us. That means that women have the right to make that choice, if they must. it also means that two people in love, be they of the opposite sex or the same should be publicly recognized as a couple, the same as anyone else. Also, no religion should ever be a deciding factor in any laws.

    As for children, I am an advocate of teaching them about all religions in school, as education in social studies. That way they can see how many religions there are, how humans cling to them, how full of lies they are, and how they poison minds of humans. This will end religious belief, at least in this country.

    How about you John D? You display not only a lack of honesty, but your morals are such that your more than willing to make accusations about me without any knowledge, and even resort to such childish behavior as to try to disparage my name by linking it to a terrible christians regime of terror, like Adolf Hitler. Learn that from you religion?

    Religion is poison!

  • henrylee, please let me know which university this is, I have grandchildren and they will eventually need to go to college?

    By the way, atheists don’t think their is no god. We think their is not enough evidence to believe their is one.

    That is honesty, unlike faith, which is when honesty is put aside for belief without any evidence. Completely immoral.

    Religion is poison!

  • Certainly has caused much controversy & drama, hasn’t it?? Lots of interest, for certain amongst the right wing, TP-arty, conservative religious, hasn’t it?? And yet, if they were concerned about being true…since Satan is especially present now…why couldn’t they have used a different ACTOR!! Remember, this is a commercial venture…there are a million actors out there!! This is just a MOVIE!! You would think, considering the pedestal these people are being placed upon, that THEY had written the Bible….as they seem to believe its their duty to interpret it their way. They’re making millions on it. Don’t forget that.

  • why don’t we just see the movie before all the comments and all the critical may be a beautiful rendition of Christ’s life. And not for nothing, but there are very few and far in between movies on Christ’s life, but there are many ,many movies that include the devil. Most of the movies today are full of gore, death, killing etc. At least there is someone making a movie in honor of The Lord. I can only hope many more are to follow. what a beautiful way to go into the Easter Season. All Honor and Glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ. THANK-YOU for this movie. There is finally something worth going to see.

  • Not enough evidence that there is a God??????? Then you haven’t looked for him, my friend. IF you seek, you will find. Do your home work.

  • I just don’t understand how you can make a movie about Jesus and not have the devil rear his ugly head as he does in scripture, and in our lives. Jesus came to SAVE us from the devil, and ourselves, and to show us how to do battle. I am VERY disappointed that this “new” Savior/salvation movie excludes who we need saving from!

  • Obama seems to be already playing the part of satan, so why don’t they just ask him to do it? He fits the part perfectly. Satan is the father of lies, and Obama is the lover of lies. That is all he does.

  • Listen to her statement. Now repeat after me…deceived. Whole Jesus true bride goes out with her lamp and enough oil, the other wanders…not having prepared herself for her coming groom. Pathetic…shameful…no evidence of any discernment. Just like Mel Gibson’s deceptive and occultic depiction of Christ life, these two choose the same path. No tempting on the highest mountain, no presence in the garden while praying. And what about the passage where one of his disciples didn’t want him to sacrifice his life. Get behind me Satán. Augh forget it.

  • Camille, I’ve looked for evidence of god for over 45 years and have seen none. Please, if you have something more than anyone else has, share with the world, as not to would be the most immoral act I’ve ever heard of.

    I’ve studied your bible, the koran and hadith, and even the book of the dead, and yet all I find is the hand of humans in them.

    Therefore I have found no evidence of god. Just human made religions conceived to control other humans by using the most dishonest of ploys; faith. Faith requires you believe even when evidence exists that contradicts what you are being told you must believe. This is akin to lying to oneself, and that is the worst dishonesty of all.

    I’ll check back on this article to see what evidence you share though, so please provide means for me to research it for myself, because I have no faith, I only have honesty to myself.

    Until that evidence convinces me otherwise, I still think,
    Religion poisons the mind!

  • The crucifixion is evidence enough for the presence of Satan. We do not need to see his face. He is known by his fruits, in this case the cruel execution of the Son of God. He thought he had won, but the Resurrection proved him wrong.

  • Hope all is well w/ your souls! There is a new movie premiering on February 28th titled “Son of God” & there is much positive ‘hype’ surrounding its release; even from many who should know better. As a soul who has consecrated himself to the Immaculate, Ever-Virgin Mother of God, Mary most holy as a slave of love, I am compelled to cry out against this film:

    “Blasphemy!!! Heresy!!!”

    I don’t know how many total truths of our most Holy Faith are denied in this movie, BUT two most very precious parts of ‘The Deposit of Faith’ (the official teaching of Holy Mother Church which MUST be believed in all its fullness if we claim to be practicing Catholics & dare to present ourselves for the reception of Holy Communion) are trampled underfoot, because the movie depicts Our Lady as giving birth in the ‘normal manner’ & w/ pain. Both of these ideas are blasphemy & heresy!!!

    1. The Immaculate Conception: This dogma was infallibly defined by Pope Bl. Pius IX in his Apostolic Constitution ‘Ineffabilis Deus’ on December 8, 1954. Here is an excerpt that sums up the essence of the document:
    “…Mary, the most holy Mother of God, by virtue of the foreseen merits of Christ, our Lord and Redeemer, was never subject to original sin, but was completely preserved from the original taint, and hence she was redeemed in a manner more sublime.”
    (Link to full document for those w/ more time:

    Because Holy Mother Church infallibly defined Our Lady as being immaculately conceived (free from all stain of original sin) & because pain in childbirth is one of the consequences for women as a result of original sin, showing Our Lady in pain at childbirth cries out that Our Lady was a sinner! Blasphemy & heresy!!! Because she was free from original sin from the moment of her Immaculate Conception, Our Lady suffered NO pain in giving birth to the Child Jesus. (Please note: Our Lady NEVER sinned.)

    2. The Virgin Birth: This dogma has been part of Holy Mother Church’s teaching from ancient times. Here are a few examples of the Church’s teaching. It was clarified at The Lateran Council in 649 as follows:

    “If anyone does not in accord with the Holy Fathers acknowledge the holy and ever virgin and immaculate Mary was really and truly the Mother of God, inasmuch as she, in the fullness of time, and without seed, conceived by the Holy Spirit, God in the Word Himself, who before all time was born of God the Father, and without loss of integrity brought Him forth, and after His birth preserved her virginity inviolate, let him be condemned.”

    Then by Pope Bl. John Paul II on January 28, 1987 in a General Audience as follows:

    “Mary was therefore a virgin before the birth of Jesus and she remained a virgin in giving birth and after the birth…Mary…conceived [her Son] through the power of the Holy Spirit without human intervention, and in giving birth to him, her virginity remained incorrupted, and even after the birth her virginity remained intact.'”
    Then by the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ in 1994:

    “The deepening of faith in the virginal motherhood led the Church to confess Mary’s real and perpetual virginity even in the act of giving birth to the Son of God made man.154 In fact, Christ’s birth “did not diminish his mother’s virginal integrity but sanctified it.”155 And so the liturgy of the Church celebrates Mary as Aeiparthenos, the “Ever-virgin”.156

    From a website summing up the Church’s teaching:

    The Savior, rather, passed through the womb of the virgin Mary without causing any damage whatsoever. Indeed, as he passed through the closed walls of the room after his Resurrection (without breaking the walls themselves), so too did he pass through the closed wall of our Lady’s virginity (without causing any rupture or break).
    This is the constant teaching of the Fathers of the Church and of the Popes and Councils. Indeed, it is worth noting that the Apostles’ Creed specifically names the virginity of Mary in relation to the birth of our Savior: “Born of the Virgin Mary”.
    By his power as God, the Savior passed through the closed womb of the Virgin Mary as light passing through glass, as thought proceeding from intellect. He did no harm to the physical integrity of our Lady’s virginal cloister, but rather consecrated it!

    When the movie depicts Our Lady giving birth in the ‘normal way’, this is blasphemy & heresy!!!

    I personally have taught these 2 truths many times to my Confirmation class because I know they are often unknown &/or misunderstood. I’ve heard (but haven’t been able to verify) that the producers are Catholic. If they are & if they know these truths of our Faith & purposely chose to distort them, may Almighty God have mercy on them; or if they are unfortunately like so many Catholics who don’t really know their Faith, may Almighty God take that into consideration.

    I would hope that any soul who professes to be a practicing Catholic & loves Our Lady would be appalled by the way she is portrayed in the movie & would never consider supporting it in any way, shape, or form; but rather pray for the many souls (especially youth) who will be utterly deceived by this blasphemous & heretical portrayal of the Immaculate & Ever-Virgin Mother of God.

    Some will say that it’s only a small part of the movie, but that the rest of it is OK (I’m not even sure of that since I haven’t seen it). I can’t imagine anyone who truly loves their earthly mother willing to watch a movie made about her in which ‘only a small part of the movie’ falsely & scandalously portrayed her as a drug-addicted ‘woman of the night’. Yes; that would be insane! But how much worse when the Immaculate & Ever-Virgin Mother of God is portrayed as a sinner!

    I’ll end w/ a quote from ‘True Devotion to Mary’ by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort regarding the obligation of Our Lady’s servants & slaves to defend Her privileges:

    “Like every good servant and slave we must not remain idle, but, relying on her protection, we should undertake and carry out great things for our noble Queen. We must defend her privileges when they are questioned and uphold her good name when it is under attack. We must attract everyone, if possible, to her service and to this true and sound devotion. We must speak up and denounce those who distort devotion to her by outraging her Son, and at the same time we must apply ourselves to spreading this true devotion. As a reward for these little services, we should expect nothing in return save the honour of belonging to such a lovable Queen and the joy of being united through her to Jesus, her Son, by a bond that is indissoluble in time and in eternity. Glory to Jesus in Mary! Glory to Mary in Jesus! Glory to God alone!”
    – St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, ‘True Devotion to Mary’ # 265
    “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you this sign:
    the virgin shall be with Child, and bear a Son,
    and shall name Him Immanuel.”(Isa 7:14)

    Yours in Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,

  • Unfortunately the one movie coming out of Hollywood that Christians could’ve enjoyed has been watered down. I wasn’t impressed with the way Jesus was portrayed in the miniseries either. They made him out to be too hippie like. Also, the most important thing he did for us was to give us his body in the Eucharist. This was not really portrayed in the film. What was the point in making this film if it just misleads people? I will not be seeing this movie.

  • You can’t find God by studying books. You have to find Him first by asking Him to reveal Himself to you and really being open to how He responds. Then you can get to know Him through the Bible and through the Holy Church He established on Earth. God bless you abundantly, friend.

  • Rose, been there tried that, but I’m too honest with myself to allow me to believe something that is just not real. Obviously you believe though. So, since your book tells you god answers your prayers, in Matthew 7:7, Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24, John 14:13-14, Mark 9:29, Acts 9:40, James 5:14-16, please pray that all amputees regrow their limbs. When I know this has happened I will know I have been abundantly blessed. Until then, I will know that

    Belief in religion is poison to the mind!

  • Geeewize Larry get a life will you? Just a bite of a name caller aren’t you, “semi-working actress”, “game show producer husband’? Your missing the whole point. It seems your really clueless.

  • More proof of the humor impairment and self-importance that seems to be the norm in this thread.

    My descriptions of the movie’s producers is not far off the mark by any stretch. Roma Downey hardly has a robust CV since the early 90’s. Mark Burnett’s most famous production is the TV show Survivor. Besides, you missed my point which was to cut them some slack. They are entertainment producers not theologians. Let them entertain you without having to make such a fuss over whether it conforms to your exact religious proclivities.

    The complaints about them are really not much different to the annoying and useless jibes in the “nerd-sphere” when someone produces a movie based on a well known SF/Fantasy work or comic book. Or when history buffs complain a film is not 100% accurate to the events depicted. The major difference between the commenters here are that the comic book nerds already acknowledge the work is make-believe and the history buffs have actual facts to back up their points.

  • Not really.

    If you look at virtually every filmed version of the Gospel, Satan is either a very minor limited character or completely out of the story.

  • I support Roma’s decision to cut the scenes. Many are against it, but most of those scenes aren’t biblical anyway. The only biblical account in the New Testetment is Jesus’s temptation in the desert. All the other scenes were literary license taken and added to the story for effect, though I’m sure we can imagine Satan behaving similar in those moments. I believe one of the scenes was Satan walking in the crowd while Jesus carried the cross to Gethsemane. That was not biblical, just added in for effect.

    So as Roma says, let Satan rot on the cutting room floor if it will stop some of the hate. I am not an Obama fan by any means, but he is sitll the President, and there is an unintended relationship in the images, and it just doesn’t need to be there, nor do we need to be distracted by this. The movie is about Jesus’s relationship with the Father, not his battles with Satan.

    Jesus’s victory didn’t happen in the desert, it happened on the Cross, and in the grave. Let Jesus be glorified and stop the hate. Hate comes from Satan, and attacking Roma for trying to bring light into the world while keeping as much darkness out should be applauded, not condemed. She didn’t say Jesus’s temptation didn’t happen, just that it wouldn’t be included in the movie. That is not blasphemy. That is just giving credit where it is due.

  • I’m sorry, but none of those people you quote were actually there. To say that Mary concieved without pain is pure speculation, and I don’t care what part of the church imagined it up. The Catholic church is slowly committing it’s own act of blasephmy, putting Mary above Jesus. Even Jesus, when told his Mother and family were waiting to see him said that all people who do the will of the Father are his mother and brother and sisters. Even He did not give special honor to his earthly mother… I say that with respect. To be honest, the relationship between Jesus and Mary his mother is a bit too vague.

    I honor Mary for her service to our Lord and Savior, but I do not worship her, or apply any form of divinity to her human form. She was human, born of a human father and mother. Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit.

    Now, if we get to heaven and find out that Mary had a painless childbirth, ok, but no where in the Bible did any of the disciples or Mary herself say that she had Jesus without pain, and after she had a few other Children, you’d think she might have mentioned it a couple times. Of course, I don’t think the Catholic church even accepts that Mary had intercourse to produce other children. Jesus’s own brother didn’t even believe in Jesus till after He died and rose.

    So whether you see the movie or not, may God fill us all with understanding. No one will get a bonus in Heaven for seeing this movie, but just maybe a few will be saved by it, and that we should applaud.

  • I agree. Jesus’s final victory over Satan came in the three days He was in the grave. The important part of the New Testament is how He interacted with us, not Satan. That happened behind the scenes, and only Heaven knows what actually happened.

  • Where in the Bible did you read that Satan was in the Garden while Jesus prayed? You didn’t. That was literary license taken by many authors and added to the Bible, which is bordeline blasphemy as it is, and quite frankly, giving Satan too much credit.

    We can all imaging it happening, but to be honest, I believe in the garden, Jesus wasn’t being tempted by Satan. Jesus knew His fate. He know He was going to be hung on that cross. And He also knew of His own power that He could have just taken over the planet with His angels, but it wasn’t the Father’s will. As He told Peter after He cut off the soldiers ear, he could have brought down an army of angels to protect Him, but He didn’t. In those moments, He was deeply in communion with the Father, and I would bet the angels of Heaven were surrounding Him making sure that it was just between the two of them.

    Take the movie for what it is, a testament to the divinity and glory of Jesus, the Son of God, sent to this planet to save all men from their sins. That is the message that counts. Stop quibling over minor movie filler.

  • Earold, I agree with you that religion is poison to the mind. All “religions” share the same basic teaching; that the secret to eternal life is in being good enough to earn it. That lie is certainly poisonous to the mind. The truth is that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

    Christianity however is not a religion, but a RELATIONSHIP with God, made possible because of His unconditional love for us and evidenced by the fact that while each of us deserves to be eternally separated from Him because of our sin, He provided a way, ONE way, for each of us to live eternally with Him as our Father. God chose to allow Jesus, God the Son, who NEVER sinned to die a terrible death on the cross so that with His blood, He could purchase place in heaven which He offers to each of us as a gift. The ONE way each of us can enter into heaven and experience the relationship with God that He wants to have with us is to trust in Jesus’ sacrificial death as a substitute for the death we deserve for our sin.

    As for your requirement that God regrows the limbs of all amputees before you will consider that you have been abundantly blessed, many people with much greater problems enjoy a wonderful relationship with God in spite of their trials. “Consider it all joy my brethren when you encounter various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

    Consider a life of 200 years featuring great health, great wealth, great power, and the best of everything this world has to offer — followed by eternity, time without end in the agony of hell, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and the constant knowledge that this hell could have been avoided by being humble enough to accept a gift purchased with the blood of Jesus.

    On the other hand, consider a 200 year life on earth with nothing but physical pain and weakness, abject poverty, lack of power, and the worst living conditions this wold can subject one to — followed by eternity in heaven with God, where there is no frailty, no sorrow, no suffering, no pain, no weakness, but where there is perfect health and perfect joy, perfect peace and a wonderful intimacy with a loving Father who made this eternal bliss possible.

    Two hundred years may seem like a long time, but it is NOTHING at all compared to ETERNITY. God may or may not regrow the limbs of all amputees on earth , but He most certainly will do so for all who choose to be adopted into His family by trusting in His Son as their Lord and Savior and accepting the gift of eternal life. Whether you love God or not, He loves you, and He hopes you will let Him make room for you in Heaven. It is your choice.

    God bless you.

  • Not having the reality of Satan in any movie about Jesus gives a half-measured gospel. Jesus spoke of the evil of Satan more than he did of heaven. Seems like fear of further criticism is the reason the evil one was cut from the movie. I will not be spending my money on a watered down depiction of the gospel.

  • Not really what I was talking about.

    I was referring to filmed versions of the story. Satan is not a character in the films or a very minor part. Even Two musical versions of it completely omit the character. Who is more musical than Satan? The only film I can think of where Satan has major speaking part is The Last Temptation of Christ. Most of the people here despise that film.

    This is just people making a big stink over nothing. Ms. Downey and Mr. Burnett are just whipping up a little publicity for a film that few outside of the “church basement circuit” has any desire to see.

  • If by avoiding the evidence of Satan in the Bible means he will leave you alone, then they are mistaken. The Passion of the Christ movie didn’t focus on Satan, but they focused on Jesus Christ and for that, all kinds of weird things happened, things breaking down, including sickness while filming. Not to mention all the bad publicity the movie got immediately after its release. Satan has his minions too.

    Satan hates God, he hates Jesus Christ, God’s Son. So he will make trouble for any movie or TV show that is about the true Jesus Christ.

  • Roma has twisted the reason for her decision and I and many others realize the truth. She happily claims satan is on the cutting room floor due to all the attention he got, but the attention was the resemblance he had to Obama! She is a supporter of this president and she is purposely removing the devil from this move. She was thrilled when she and her husband had been invited to the White House and denied that satan in the movie even looked like B.O., when anyone with sight can see they look very much alike. Jesus defeats satan in what she is taking out! I’m so sick of the protection Obama receives, including 95% of all media…

  • Amen Vivian. Also in the tv series they show Mary riding off on a donkey after the death of Jesus and Mary Magdalene sending her off. We all know that she
    stayed and prayed with the apostles until the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. They seemed to make Mary Magdalene almost as much of a follower and constant companion of Jesus as the apostles were.

  • Roma and her husband are Obama supporters and THAT is why she took the devil out of the movie. The reason Jesus was born and died was to defeat Satan and all evil spirits so we might live. I will not be supporting this movie or spending my money to see it. Even a movie about God’s s Son has to be changed to protect poor Barry!

  • Hi Earold,

    I’m drawn to your final synthesis as you end most of your posts, “religion is poison to the mind”. You obviously believe the mind exists or you would not continually support its existence through your words. You speak of “faith” as simply being a conjecture, an intangible, something unseen, not “sensible” from the perspective of a sensual awareness that leads one into a “real” understanding. In other words, “faith” is not something that can be understood sensually, as one is not able to know it through the five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. Nor is the mind discernable through the senses. And yet you speak to the “mind” as though it is knowable to you, as you suggest there is no “proof” of “faith”, at once you somehow “know” there is proof for the “mind”. How can that be Earold? Do you exercise “faith” in knowing that your mind exists? Faith is faith, as “being” cannot both “be” and “not be” at the same time and in the same respect, as to be otherwise defies the metaphysical law of contradiction. If not, how not? How is it that you can be so certain that your mind exists and yet you, with purported certainty, deny the existence of the Mind of God Himself, Who is and can only be the Author of “reality” as “truth”. He is and can only be the Author of the mind of the human person. You can have no more ability to know that your mind exists than you can have the ability to know that the Mind of God exists and yet you choose to deny the One Whom Is as, ” I am Who Am”. You deny the One Who has allowed for your mind to come into existence, all at once you claim to know that your mind exists. That is an absurdity, as it rests res ipsa loquitur. In that understanding, “mind is mind”. One belongs to God and the other to His human persons, yet mind remains mind. As God Is pure Intellect and Will, He has revealed to us through Holy Scripture, that He created us in His Divine Likeness and Image. The light of reason allows for our knowing of that as we know our mind exists, which is the essence of our ability “to know” anything at all. In that knowing, we know that we are not responsible for our own “being”, therefore, there must be a Supreme Being who gave us our existence, as ex nihilo nihil fit, but for the Hand of God who created all that is “being as being” and He created all “being” from nothing. In that understanding is the knowing that “everything that moves, is moved by something else”, again, but for the Hand of God, Who Is the Primemover. I say this as I am and can only remain a miserable creature before our Blessed Lord and God, the un-created Creator of all other “being as being”.

    You seem to me to be of an intellectual sort and as thus I wanted to appeal to your intellect Earold, as is the mission of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. She is an appeal to the intellect, not to the passions, as Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God, proclaimed Himself as Truth, Divinely Personified.

    Know His Truth in Caritas and Mercy,


  • Really?

    Can you think of a single filmed version of the Gospels where Satan is a major character? I am sure you have seen plenty of Biblical films and could come up with some examples.

    I could only think of two. You would have hated both of them. Last Temptation of Christ and Simon of the Desert. The first one rankles many Christian feathers because they don’t want to think of Jesus of possibly having human flaws or desires. The second one was made by an atheist and ridicules faith and religious belief.

    Are Bible thumpers so ignorant about Biblical films? I guess so.

  • Open challenge to anyone claiming to be conversant with Biblical films:

    Name a film depicting the Gospels, done in a reverential fashion, where Satan is a major character or played by one of the featured actors.

    C’mon, this should be easy.

  • Just a coincidence or DIVINE INTERVENTION? Is our Almighty God giving out more salient warnings to his BLIND, earthly children? It surely makes one shudder, but Obama’s EVIL ACTIONS speak even LOUDER than the uncanny resemblance noted between the Hollywood actor and our president. Due to our thin-skinned president, it was MANDATORY that these scenes be COMPLETELY CUT from Roma Downey’s new movie, “Son of God”. So now, there will be a movie DEVOID of the Devil. That automatically makes the movie UNREALISTIC, because in REALITY the Devil constantly roams the earth seeking the ruin of souls…after all, the Devil tempted Jesus 3 times! How much easier for the Devil to operate amongst us mere mortals, if he can convince the UNWARY that he doesn’t exist at all, permitting himself to move about freely to accomplish his evil deeds through unsuspecting targets.

  • Mark, First, I’ve read the book, in fact studied it for years. No where did I ever come across a single line of scripture that says it’s a sin to use paragraphs.

    What you have done in your comment is exactly the kind of thing my closing statement refers to. You seem intelligent, so you probably know that faith is, an action word that is defined as the belief in something without evidence.

    You also know the mind is a descriptive word used to define the cognitive abilities of humans to take in information, and then use logic and reason to come to conclusions based on that information.

    Religious belief forces humans to justify their beliefs by omitting that the information taken in, in order to draw a real conclusion, must itself be based in reality. To use any information other than that is dishonest to oneself, and requires a leap of faith.

    Your argument rest on semantics. You resort to word play to muddy the argument because you can’t argue it without these dishonest tactics. That is understandable though. I’ve seen it before, used it myself when defending my beliefs for many years. That is until I looked inward and saw that I really didn’t believe it was true, as you probably already know.

    I finally understood that faith is not a good thing, quite the opposite. Faith is the chink in the armor of logic and reason. If you accept anything on faith alone, you have relinquished you right as a human to think, and reason.

    You have swallowed the poison of religion and it will now affect everything about you. It will dictate how you believe, how you interact with your fellow humans and worst of all, how you think about life altogether.

    Religion makes humans narcissistic as they now believe that they have the true religion, and THE god is their god, and is completely focused on them; ghastly.

    Make no mistake Mark, religion absolutely poisons the mind of humans, and needs to go away, so make can finally live in harmony.

    I hope you will one day embrace self honesty and loose faith. Reality requires no self deception, but believing in something based on faith does.

  • Satan rules. How else to explain the strength of angry, hostile, bullying fundamentalist religion in America?

  • I wonder how much of this has to do with appeasing the religious right because of the reference to the devil looking like President to Obama? Cold have also been a PR move to get more buzz for the film. Either way, people should not reject the film unless it contorts the Gospel.

  • Darrell Wilson, first, thank you for commenting under your name. I find it more honest to do so myself, and like it when other do so as well, as it makes me feel they may also share that feeling.

    Unfortunately I don’t find honesty in the dodge that christianity isn’t a religion, it is. Given your description, that it is a personal relationship with god, is the same thing all religious people think.

    As for my reply to Rose. I knew that this would not be possible, because I choose not to believe anything based on faith. I was hoping she would see it would not happen as well, despite the promise given in Mathew 21:22. I was hoping it may touch a nerve and that she may experience reality, albeit briefly. By the way, although I would consider it a blessing to me if it were to happen, but I am not an amputee, nor do I have any loved ones that are amputees, but the world has many. Any improvement to the lives of humans should be counted a good thing for all. .

    Religion truly poisons the mind!

  • It is very unfortunate to leave out Satan tempting God’s son, Jesus Christ, since Jesus proved his obedience to his Father, Almighty God, in those situations, always referring to Scripture, saying to Satan, “It is written…..” which backed up the reasons for his obedience. As a result of Jesus’ obedience to God, Jesus proved faithful to his death as a perfect human, which amounted to a perfect ransom sacrifice for all imperfect humans, thereby providing a means of forgiveness of our sins as well as the opportunity for everlasting life on earth in the near future. Something as important as this should have definitely been included in this man-made story of God’s son, Christ Jesus.

  • Good evening, Earold,

    I intended no semantic articulation. Reasoning, using a logical construct, as you know, requires a premise followed by a sequitur, and thence it evolves.

    You enjoy paragraphs, okay. Please don’t semantisize the understanding of “mind”. My postulate remains unanswered by you. The “mind” remains knowable and yet not provable. This is the essence of “faith”. Knowable yet not provable. You have demonstrated your belief in faith Earold, as again, this understanding rests res ipsa loquitur. You have no sensual capacity to codify your mind with and yet you know it exists. As you cannot prove its existence, by virtue of the scientific method, which can only elucidate essentially through the senses, you know it through faith. Faith is not the absence of knowing, rather it is the absence of “knowing how”. Therein lies the great chasm in the difference of the understanding of faith.

    You know your mind exists, Earold, as you have spoken to it many times on this blog. You simply don’t know specifically “how it exists”, as know one can, this side of the veil of our eternity.

    Earold, as you know that your mind exists and further you know that it has no matter, therefore it can have no form, how long does your mind exist, knowing that it has neither matter nor form?

    Know the Truth that is Christ Jesus, Divinely Personified, in Caritas.


  • Earnold,
    You wrote, “By the way, atheists don’t think their is no god. We think their is not enough evidence to believe their is one.

    That is honesty, unlike faith, which is when honesty is put aside for belief without any evidence. Completely immoral.”

    If you had never seen an airplane before, but happened by an airport where you saw one take off and climb high into the sky, what would you think about the origin of that amazing craft? Would you think to yourself about the billions upon billions of years it must have taken for the combination of the tens of thousands of parts of that plane to come together in just the right way for it to be able to fly. With enough time, surely the magnetic forces in nature would succeed in pulling those thousands of parts together exactly as necessary to yield a fully functioning airplane.

    In my hypothetical scenario, you had never heard of an airplane and certainly would not have ever met an aeronautical engineer, so naturally you would have to assume that the airplane was a product of evolution. I am intentionally being absurd, as you can plainly see. You would not have to have met anyone who had been trained to design an airplane to KNOW that such a designer existed. The airplane itself would be all the evidence you needed to KNOW that the designer existed.

    By comparison to the human body, the complexity of an airplane is NOTHING. What machine do you know of that can heal itself when cut, reproduce to increase its numbers, collaborate with others of its own kind to accomplish otherwise unachievable tasks, laugh, cry, make music, apply reason, or to put it simply, do what humans can do?

    No one would think for an instant that an airplane came into existence as a result of a cosmic belch that occurred billions of years ago which somehow accidentally caused the circumstances which could allow that fully functioning airplane to evolve into existence. I am quite sure that it takes MUCH MORE FAITH than I have to believe the earth and every living thing on it came to be without a Designer/Creator.

    There was a time in my life when I KNEW there was no God. Someone asked me at that time if I thought I knew everything there was to know. I admitted that I did not. Then he asked me whether I knew half of everything there was to know. Again I told him I did not. He continued until he got me to acknowledge that I didn’t even know one percent of everything there was to know. Then he asked me if it might be possible that God was part of the 99 percent of what I didn’t know. That day, I changed from being an atheist to being an agnostic, meaning I no longer could say that God does NOT exist, but that If He did, He did not appear to be knowable.

    The same man encouraged me to do some research on the subject. Specifically, he challenged me to read “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell, and “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. Both authors, as it turns out had previously considered themselves atheists, but after examining the evidence for Christianity, realized there was only one plausible response. Earnold, I hope you will read the same books that I was challenged to read. If you will, I am confident that you will reach the same conclusion that I and millions of others have reached after a scholarly and HONEST examination of the evidence.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  • Seriously, the teleological argument? It was considered silly even in the 18th Century.

    Any 6 year old punctures it with a simple question. If everything has a designer and a creator and God created everything, who created God?

    David Hume killed your argument a half century before Darwin’s birth

    Firstly, Hume argued that for the design argument to be feasible, it must be true that order and purpose are observed only when they result from design. But order is often observed to result from presumably mindless processes like the generation of snowflakes and crystals. Design can account for only a tiny part of our experience of order.

    Second, that the design argument is based on an incomplete analogy: because of our experience with objects, we can recognize human-designed ones, comparing for example a pile of stones and a brick wall. But in order to point to a designed universe, we would need to have an experience of a range of different universes. As we only experience one, the analogy cannot be applied.

    Next, even if the design argument is completely successful, it could not in and of itself establish a robust theism; one could easily reach the conclusion that the universe’s configuration is the result of some morally ambiguous, possibly unintelligent agent or agents whose method bears only a remote similarity to human design.

    Furthermore, if a well-ordered natural world requires a special designer, then God’s mind (being so well-ordered) also requires a special designer. And then this designer would likewise need a designer, and so on ad infinitum. We could respond by resting content with an inexplicably self-ordered divine mind; but then why not rest content with an inexplicably self-ordered natural world?

    Finally, Hume advanced a version of the Anthropic Principle. Often, when it appears that an object has a particular feature in order to secure some goal, it is in fact the result of a filtering process. That is, the object wouldn’t be around did it not possess that feature, and the perceived purpose is only interesting to us as a human projection of goals onto nature.

  • Jesus was victorious when it came to being tempted by Satan because he proved faithful and obedient to his Father until his death as a perfect man, not committing sin. Otherwise, his sacrifice would have been of no benefit to imperfect mankind.

  • Darrell, Not much left to add to Larry’s response, as he not only beat me to it, but did so eloquently. I’d urge you to read The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design, written by Richard Dawkins in 1996
    Available at fine bookstores everywhere.
    Religion is poison to the human mind!

  • Good evening, Larry,

    I take note that you reference the “18th century” as though it is a time entirely remote to our time of so called “modernity”, whereby the secular humanist revels in the “epitomal reach” achieved through “science” in this, our day. With that understood, lets not step back only 2 centuries, lets go back to a truly “primitive” time and reflect on the philosophy of Aristotle, the pagan, around or about 400 B.C, from antiquity thus. It was Aristotle who rose above his predecessor Plato, who rose above his teacher, Socrates. Let us reflect on the Aristotelean understanding of Deus, God. Using the light of reason, which “atheists” can only presume to understand, Aristotle knew that the cosmos spoke ultimately to a Singular God who was the God above all others. He knew Him as, ” In Thinking, In Thinking, On Thinking”. What is the atheisitic reflection on the Aristotelean understanding? You see, Larry, ultimately, you are not an atheistic after all, as can no one else in truth either be, as you proclaim a specific knowledge that God does not exist because there is no specific evidence for His existence, you claim. All at once, you cannot even speak to how you arrived into this earthly existence, yet you attempt to argue the lack of Being of The Divine Creator, The Un-Created Creator of all other being as being. The Singular Supreme Being Who rests above the understanding of ex nihilo nihil fit, as The Primemover Himself, Pure Act and no potency. That Larry, places you in the position of God; self as God. As the mind of Aristotle was able to reach into the understanding of God as a Pure Act of Thinking, way back in that “primitive time” as you might suggest, how is it that you deconstruct the understanding of God as Pure Act, with no potency, as in the mind of Aristotle. You simply cannot deconstruct that understanding. God is a Pure Act of Thinking, whose object of thinking, is indeed His Own Thinking. The light of reason does not allow for an understanding beyond this. As you cannot surmount that idea, you cannot deconstruct it, as one must offer a trump to first surmount, and only then from that position of reasoning can one deconstruct. In the abstract, that understanding rises above all others. It is abysmally beneath a sophomoric understanding to just make ad hominem claim that some thing or some One, in this case, Almighty God, does not exist, when you cannot get beyond the burden of proof to the contrary, established by Aristotle, millenia ago. Proffering such an un-reasoned “argument” without any muster for argument, is simply an absurdity. The real beauty is in the exponent work of Saint Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologia, at once using the pagan, Aristotle’s philosophical intstrument.

    Know His Truth, Singular and Absolute as is He, as Deus Caritas Est.


  • She could’ve gotten someone else to play Satan, yes. But she didn’t so she focused on Jesus.
    Ps… It’s a movie. Don’t want to see it? Wow, guess what? You don’t have to! And writing a script for a movie is not re-writing the Bible. All the people that think or say she ‘rewrote the Bible’ apparently don’t realize is a movie.

  • Mark, Thank your use of paragraphs. I have a stigmatism and it makes reading your words, which are important to me, much more difficult.

    I disagree with how you frame your definition of “mind”, which is defined as the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons. You say it can’t be scientifically proven, ok, I’ll agree. However that doesn’t mean there is not abundant evidence of the mind, and it does not have to be taken on “faith” that it exists, or at least the things the word “mind” stands for exists.

    As humans we have the ability to gather information with our physical senses, and use out minds to think and reason. “Mind” is just a word used to describe what all humans do, and it rests res ipsa loquitur, to borrow your Latin phrase from you. You can spin it anyway you like, but to equate what we call the mind with faith, is simply incorrect.

    Faith on the other hand is belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. More than just believing in something not scientifically provable, or even without evidence, faith requires belief in something even when there is scientific proof and abundant evidence to the contrary. It demands that the use of the mind be suspended, and that thinking with logic and reason be disregarded. Faith opens the door to unrealistic beliefs, and reduces humans to nothing more than the lowest intellect of our distant primate cousins.

    Descartes’ phrase “Cogito ergo sum”, proves our existence based on the use of our mind; to think. To submit ourselves to believing anything on faith alone is to give away the very essence of what defines our existence, thinking; the use of the mind to reason based on evidence. That is why I believe faith is poison to the human mind, and unfortunately we have vast amounts of evidence of its affect.

    By the way, I also believe as humans we should act charitable, not because a compilation of books written by men in the dessert, in the iron age of man tells us so, but rather because the morals that are innate in the sane among us, compels me to do so because it is what’s best for me.

    Religion poisons the mind!

  • I agree there is no reason for all these negative comments either watch the movie or dont everyone has a different out look on this movie

  • I agree I think this movie is to point people to Jesus Christ. If it does that people will read the bible and seek God. Everything a person will learn about God and Jesus will not be discovered in this movie. I think it will encourage people to start seeking and finding Jesus. I think Mark and Roma are bringing the light of God to a public forum where that light does not exist. I think it will cause seeking and finding which will win lives for Christ. Some people are being too negative and holier than thou.

  • Ave Maria!!!

    Dear Vivian,

    I fully agree w/ everything you said; especially since what you wrote is a copied & pasted version of my e-mail that I sent out to my distribution list on 2/18/14.

    Yours on Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,
    Rocco Fortunato

  • The Passion of the Christ, such garbage, based on the visions of two catholic mystics, Anna Emmerich and I forget the other, straight from the mouth of director Mel Gibson…

  • I was quite shocked to read most of these comments! So many of them seem hateful and angry. First of all, I’m fairly certain this movie was intended for non-believers to learn about the love of Jesus. And the fact that they removed satan from the MOVIE, does not mean anyone who becomes interested in learning more about Jesus Christ will, in turn,never learn about satan. Lol thats ludicrous. If you people really have that much hate in you, then you should probably be focusing more on Jesus and less on satan.

  • Did the devil physically appear in the Bible? He did come through the actions of those that chose evil over good. If the actor portraying the devil does look like a political figure, doesn’t that make the movie more political than true. It muddles the message. We’re lucky that the actor portraying Christ didn’t look like Romney or Ted Cruz. That would have made the intent of the movie even more interesting when one thinks about how people are controlled by what they see and hear in the movies.

  • How did she water it down? The devil was never physically present during Biblical times. He was shown as the evil that is present in all of us. Putting the devil in the movie with an actor that looks like a political figure is questionable to its intent. If another movie were made and the devil was made to look like Romney, Cruz, or Reagan, there would be an outcry from the Christian community.

  • It is not a coincidence that the actor playing the part of Satan is a dead ringer for Obama. Just like 666 apeared in the Illinois lottery, when Obama was elected, the face of the actor playing the part of Satan, being the likeness of Obama, is a message to all those wise enough to heed it.

    The producers were dead wrong to cut that part from the finished product they will show. They are not reflecting the will of God, but caving into to the will of Satan.

  • As an AngloCatholic Episcopalian Christian, handsome and proud to look and act as straight and as handsome, or better, then our great President Obama, and a proud pre-ordered receiver, of the first Amazon shippings of: The BIBLE BluRay, (pumping myself up this way ‘cuz I KNOW the next few comments will be directed to the “fagg” from the ranters blowing out their 15 seconds of ranting fame here, then back to their Facebook “FRIENDS” for companionship!)I want to go to the theater next week and sit on a Monday early show of THE SON of GOD, to avoid possible verbal and or popcorn chomping distractions by hoping not more then 5 or 6 people will be sharing that auditorium so I can behold a movie this year that is nothing BUT,.. soaked in a SPIRITUAL, CHRISTIAN theme, all the time fearing the rumble of dolby digital sounds of murder, the rumble of the world, it is.. ending and the F_ _k word bleeting out of clinched teeth through the wall from next door
    cinema 9) will be happy to put down my money to see this cinematic wonder even IF the devil (which would be even MORE controversial and probably!.. more accurate, if he were presented as one of our most beautiful-to-behold males of our pumped up with hormones gym rats showing lots of tanned skin and ripped to the gills males or even………. a male-woman! ) is on left on the cutting room floor! All I saw today for new movies coming were MURDER, GUNS TOTED FOR MURDER, VIOLENCE FOR TAKE-OVER .. let there be some religious stuff……… PLEEEEEEEZ! Thank you! Yes… I’m an old guy now but a WELL PRESERVED ONE!!.. who loves 3D, cinema, beautiful and ugly actors who DON’t need to use the F _ _k work, and lots of the film industry, which, I used to pay the Screen Guild to work for!

  • Good evening, Earold,

    We have a point of agreement in truth; the “mind” cannot be proven by virtue of the scientific method. Let’s move now into your comment about the “abundance of evidence” that the mind exists. Understand Earold, that I have no interest in “spinning” anything, rather an honest pursuit of the singular Truth, as truth can only be known in the singular, as anything more than singular, is less than the Truth. 2+2 does indeed equal 4, nothing more and nothing less, therefore, it rests res ipsa loquitur as singular truth.

    Now I would like to use your argument for the ability to know the “mind” exists and apply it to the knowing of the existence of the Mind of God. Remember, this reasoned discussion has nothing to do with the passions, only the intellect, as thus whether you or I “like” an understanding or not has precious no bearing on whether the understanding exists as “being”, as we must rely on the light of reason to know the existence of “being as being”, in whatever form “being” may take.

    With that understanding, Earold, how is it that you conclude an “abundance” of evidence that the human “mind” indeed has existence as “being”? The evidence cannot rest in the sensual composite of understanding, as the “mind” cannot be seen, touched, smelled, tasted, nor heard. How then, do you know that the human mind exists? You can only “know” that the “human mind” exists by virtue of faith, as faith alone allows you to “know” that which you have no “sensual” capacity to understand. You may not “like” that Earold but it is true. If it is not true, then please explain how it is that you “know” your mind exists when you cannot quantify just what your “mind” is? Your mind has no matter, therefore it can have no form, therefore it is not quantifiable. Knowing that, how can you “know” that the mind exists plausibly without the ability to measure or quantify what “it” is? You may as well be speaking of a “ghost” when you speak of “knowing” your mind devoid of the understanding of “faith”.

    Lastly, for the purposes of this post, consider this understanding. As we know the human mind exists through faith, we also know that “a tree” is “a tree” through faith, yet all at once, the “tree” is quantifiable, as it has matter, thus it takes on form. Knowing that, we must rely on faith to know that a tree is a tree becasue although we can describe much about the tree, we cannot say “what makes a tree” indeed, “a tree”. In other words, we cannot know what “treeness” is. We can simply describe what “treeness” looks like, sounds like, tastes like, feels like, and smells like. Further, we can speak of its tensile strength, the temperature that it combusts at, its chemical composition, etc. But we simply do not know what makes a tree, a tree.

    With that understanding in mind, Earold, allow me to say again, “faith” allows for our “knowing” when what it is that we “know” is not knowable through the senses. Indeed then, “faith” allows for “knowing” but it does not allow for “knowing how”. We “know” a “tree is a tree”, we simply don’t know “how a tree is a tree”, as we don’t know what “treeness” is.

    Know God’s Truth in Caritas and Mercy,


  • Thankful that I will ultimately be judged by The Lord and not by some of the ‘Christians’ commenting on this site! May I suggest a study of the concept of grace and the art of construction criticism.

    I don’t typically like ‘Christian’ movies as they typically seem to be just preaching to the choir, and rather poorly at that. But if only one person is brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through this film then they shall not have labored in vain. And I must be a little snarky here given many of the comments I read – it seems like many in the choir need to hear the good word as well.

  • I take it you never read David Hume’s work. He takes out a lot of the wind in the sails of sophists and people who like to employ spurious logic and self-referential arguments.

    You typed all of that (without paragraph breaks) and really said nothing of value. Merely repeating the same argument as before but with a dollop of false appeal to authority and what appears to be a modified Gish Gallop. Aristotle was famous for many things but getting directly to a point was never one of them.

    You avoided all of the points made by the philosopher who demolished your arguments 200+ years ago. Unlike your word salad it is easily reduced to a straightforward manner. Since you missed it the 1st time, let me reiterate:

    1. Order does not automatically imply design. Order can easily occur and be perceived as coming from unintelligent natural forces. Design only accounts for a small portion of our conception of it

    2. We are far too limited in our perceptions to be able to divine design for the universe. We can only recognized human designed things as designed things.

    3. An intelligent designer of the universe would be so completely beyond our comprehension and perception that we can not understand it to be intelligent or by design. So we could never have a rational belief in one supported by evidence.

    4. We see human design because we are humans. We create patterns in our mind because it is ingrained in our nature to do so.

    Take some time and read Hume’s works. They are rather thin volumes. Hume was a parsimonious writer who knew how to get to a point quickly.

  • Bible Believers:
    The Son of God movie is about a false Jesus that the apostle Paul and others warned about in the Bible including Jesus himself. There is a massive spiritual delusion taking place upon the earth that has been unleashed which the god of this world has been given free reign to unleash the hords of hell and darkness who have the ability to transform themselves as angles of light. The whole world including all religions are defining this by the same buzzwords as a “Great Awakening”. Jesus said (when asked in Matthew 24 by his disciples what the begining of the end would look): “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many. And many false prophets shall rise and deceive many. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets; and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matt. 24:5; 24:11; 24:24)

    The cold hard truth is that Roma Downey and her husband Mark are not born again believers and are preaching another Jesus and another gospel. How do I know this? Because Roma Downey was raised in the false Roman Catholic Church and religion and was taught by nuns about the false catholic Jesus and the worship of Mary (necromancy). After graduating from John-Rogers new age spritual enlightenment center (“USM, University of Santa Monica) in 2010 this “other Jesus” (false lying spirit) supposedly told (impressed upon) her and her husband to go out and make this false jesus popular and wonderfully acceptable to to the whole world and to “raise their christ conciousness”. She and her husband have completely taken many scriptures out context and have added and subtracted from the Word of God and put words in their false christs mouth that are nowhere to be found in the bible. They have distorted the holy word of God and have handled it deceitfully. Paul spoke of and warned of these many false teachers and wanna be apostles in the church of Corinth in his 2nd epistle, Chapter 2:12 and 4:2. He emphatically declares “For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ. But (we) have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.”

    Roma and her husband are making millions of dollars all in the the name of their false fleshly jesus while the simple minded (who are completely ignorant and oblivious to satans devices) are being seduced and led straight to the hirelings shearers and then to the ecumenical spiritual slaughter house where their faith is then shipwrecked. The apostle John in his old age gave us these repeated stern warnings which he he heard with his own ears and was an eye witness to Jesus teachings in Matthew 24: “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you. Little children, let no man deceive you.” (1 John 2:18; 2:26; 3:7).

    Does not the apostle Peter give us additional warnings In 1 Peter 2, 2:1-3 about these false teachers such as Downey and Burnett who are fleecing the flock and charging money for their supposed “gospel” which is no gospel at all? “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” The Bible is very clear that “MANY” (not just some) will follow their pernicious ways. Here are the words of the “real Jesus” as recorded in Matthew 7:13-15 and what He has to say on this very subject which Peter simply repeated: “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Again Jesus said “Many” which when millions are suddenly flocking to a Hollywood jesus its a clear indicator it’s most likely a false christ and another gospel. Take heed bible believers. In these last days we are warned by the apostle Peter in 1 Pet. 5:8-9 to be aware and to “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour, Whom resist stedfast in the faith”. Roma can say “we cut the devil off and out of the script” but Peter says otherwise. Obviously the devil is much more clever than Roma Downey and has clearly deceived her starting with the roman catholic church and then extensively at the USM. What does Roma and Mark not understand about the fact that as born again blood bought bible believers “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual”?

    If any of you don’t believe me that Roma Downey is a new ager just google Roma Downey University of Santa Monica. Jump on the USM website and look at its Founder, John-Roger and the many new age teachers and guest speakers. Google John-Roger the founder (John-Roger is his dual spirit guide name) and MSIA (Movement of Spritual Inner Awareness).

    In Roma Downeys own words (her purpose for the miniseries and movies including her interpretation of what the message of the bible is to the world – which is what she learned at USM): “I don’t have to work. I’m very blessed, very fortunate. So my passion, my purpose is to be involved with things that uplift and open people’s hearts and raise their consciousness,” she says. “And the message, ultimately, of the Bible, the message of Jesus, is, ‘Can’t we all see that spark of light in each other, which is God — respect each other and love each other and get along together?”.

    Barbara Marx Hubbard, a well know new ager is a frequent guest speaker and teacher at USM and imparts her enlightenment teachings to the students and faculty which she has done so for many years. Consider Hubbards teachings which is in line with Roma’s statement above on concious evolution and the “inner spark” that supposedly each human has and needs to be made conciously aware of and awaken to the devine within:

    Here is what a true messenger of God sounds like in sincerity, honestly, and simplicity (Paul’s 2nd epistle to the Corinthians): “Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed: But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God. But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

    Bible believers, we have the inspired Holy infallible Inherent Word Of God which contains all that we need for training in righteousness and godly living. Roma and her Husband are using a pagan avenue to bring another jesus, a false new age christ conciousness to the world and are re-writing Gods Word and taking away from it bring a curse upon themselves. Roma is corrupting and polluting the pure Word of God with the heresies she learned at USM and the roman catholic church.

    The Apostle Paul continues with the Church of Corinth: ” But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

    To my true Brothers and Sisters in the Common Faith, in and through our Lord Jesus Christ, I end with these same words from Paul the Apostle concerning your yoking and joining ecumenically with those who are luring you to the new age jesus of Roma Downey:

    “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in [them]; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
    Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” 2 Cor. 6:14-18

  • just got back from the movie I was really disappointed I wont be recommending this to others, It was biblically incomplete and doesn’t recognize that satan even exists and projects good and evil as a battle between Jesus and Jews pandering to Ceaser In fact Jesus and the disciples cast out more demons than any other act but tonight the only demon (s) was a tube of popcorn and countless Coke commercials on the screen

  • Earold

    there is a syntax issue with your comment “atheists don’t think their is no god”
    this will get you a F in 5 th grade composition class

  • Earold

    time for you to bone up on the GED your comments could be used as evidence for the next Scopes trial as proof that some evolve from Monkeys

  • Good Sunday morning, Larry,

    I am moved by what appears to be your earnest desire to know the Truth, as a yearning for Truth is certainly written on our hearts. If we can move together, beyond the arrogance of the “existensialist” belief, we have an opportunity to glimpse the infinite, which is our ultimate destination. Inescapably, the “ordinate” position given “feelings”, is insurmountable from within the existentialist’s mileau of contemplation, when all at once, “feeling” is a subordinate, passionate response, that is in truth, ordered by the intellect, which rests in the ordinate position. In other words, from passion does not flow a deeper understanding, as thus, it is a “response of the intellect”. How can we know that, because the lesser animal kingdom understands only “passion”, that which drives the dog to remain alive, grow, and reproduce. We too, of course, are passionate beings, as human beings, but our intellect places us infinitely above the passionate animal, which rests above the “plant kingdom”, certainly devoid of passion.

    Although I’ve not read Hume, I’m familiar with the genre. Larry, please don’t misconstrue what I write as being what you referred to as “self-referential”. With certainty, what I write is “self-depricating”. What the existentialist never “sees” is the arrogant position of “self as god”, construed from within an inescapable sense of the understanding. Certainly from the minimalist perspective, a self-declaration that God does not or probably does not exist, because ” I cannot understand how He can” is a quintessential and concretely discernable position of “self as god”, as ” I ” cannot fathom anyone else “Being” as the Creator of all else that is, being as being. Only God could have such an understanding, in truth, that “God” does not exist, and then He would be in the position of “self-declaration” from within the negative, by default, which He has been, in His Divine revelation from within the positive, as He has procaimed, ” I Am Who Am”.

    In order to see beyond the existentialism, we simply must look at the reality of our “mind” as “being”. The light of reason allows us to know our flesh as “being” from within the sensual understanding. Further, we know our “mind” to be of some other existence. That existence, we are unable to quantify, again, from the light of reason, as it is “not sensual”, and therefore cannot be known from within the context of the five senses. As our “mind” is not sensual, we can therefore know that it does not consist of “matter”, therefore it cannot have “form”. That which does not have matter nor form, yet exists as “being”, remains infinite. From deep within an understanding of “infinite”, we know that which is infinite, has no end. That which has no “end” cannot “die” as a terminal end point, because the infinite, of course, does not, because it cannot, know such “being” as “death”.

    Know the Infinite Mercy of Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God, until we draw our last breath,


  • Larry

    It is clear and understandable why you think and write the way you do. Intelligent design cannot be understood thru pre modern science mystic philosophy barely free of the dark ages. Science and math should be your guide. Science has revealed and the super computer has determined the odds of a random cosmic event leading to the formation of the order in DNA of every living creature so improbable it is not able to assign a numerical factor. Second your arguments using Humes work is like using a magnifying glass to study the stars.

  • Perhaps you should take your post to another site You are off topic here and cannot lend to the believers discussion of the life of our Lord. Once we are cloaked in the transformation of the spirit our minds are closed to all other options.
    There is no reason to read or discuss man made philosophy, our obedience and understanding is to the word of the Living God not dead philosophers. It is impossible for a non believer to understand and grasp the bible you need a translator, a decoder and he is not given to you until the baptism of the spirit and at that time he replace the magnifying glass with a telescope that peers into the window of the heavens. Why be stuck viewing life as a amoeba when we can see the world like a Eagle soaring above it all and a view of the things beyond the valleys and mountains, to a few much is given so to much is expected Larry Hume is like a speck on my windshield, I see him but the doesn’t slow me down or rake my focus off the road ahead and our destination

  • Mark
    ? was the actor intentionally selected that looked like satan in order to justify not including satan or any reference to demons How could this of been accidental?? and why wasnt the scene re shot with a different actor or the face replaced with a computer image if they can put holes in hands they can change a face

  • Larry

    there is not enough room here to list them all
    just google them and watch your computer fill up

  • @Charles,

    You said, “Once we are cloaked in the transformation of the spirit our minds are closed to all other options.”

    Your mind is closed? really?
    What do you do when you discover that Jesus is JUST AS capable of evil as any other person who lived?

    “And as for these enemies of mine who didn’t want me to be their king–bring them in and EXECUTE THEM right here in front of me.'” – JESUS (Luke 19:27)

    [from the “Parable of the 12 Minas”, perhaps the most dangerous words in the Bible]

    I suppose your lack of reconsideration means you are going to burn some witches today?

  • about the devil in the garden, I may be mistaken but I thought the devil was in the garden in the Mel Gibson “Passion of Christ” film. Thought the “Obama like” devil was in the desert in this “Bible Mini Series” film. There is an idea they couldve used the “Voldemort like” devil from “Passion of Christ”

  • Vivian, you are approaching the Bible from a Roman Catholic viewpoint. Yes, there was a Virgin Birth and Immaculate Conception but Mary was a sinner just like everyone else except her Son. Where in the Bible, not from the Papacy, does it say that Mary was without sin?

  • Can you name at least one?

    This should not be so hard. If Satan is such an integral part of the Gospels, you should be able to find plenty of filmed stories featuring him as a major character.

    Obviously the question is much harder than you considered or you would have thrown out an example or two (and not sounded so evasive)

  • Yet it is left out of virtually EVERY film on the Gospels. What most of you are moaning about shows a basic ignorance of that particular genre.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Intelligent design is completely useless to anyone except a pre-modern science/mystic philosophy still in the dark ages. It is merely a gloss over the simplest, least imaginative answer out there. “God did it, [followed by holding one’s breath until they turn blue]”

    Science and math do not point to a creator. Quite the opposite. They point to a world which does not require adherence to Bronze age mythologies subject to translation error over millenia. One whose wonder does not require hosannas and parlance with supernatural entities. Where you see God’s hand, a more forthcoming and pragmatic person would have seen our own limits in perception and natural psychological tendencies.

    Seriously, Hume’s work is all public domain these days. Your philosophical education seems to have stopped around the Renaissance period and missed much of the ancient Greeks. They put to rest much of the assumptions made on behalf of theists long before there were theists to assume.

  • Dear Roma, Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow! Thank you for making a movie about Our Precious Savior Jesus Christ. No matter what others say, your beautiful effort to bring His Glory and Power to the screen to tell others about His love and and mercy and salvation, will make HIM happy. That’s all that matters!!! Power of prayer creates miracles and I am praying that everyone seeing your film will have their heart imprinted anew or for the first time with His Holy Name. God Bless You and all the people who contributed to The Son of God.

  • I am A CHRISTIAN AND WILL PROUDLY STAND UP AGANST ANYBODY ANYBODY TO IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM WANTS TO TEAR DOWM MY Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST THE ONE AND ONLY SON OF GOD! He was born to die for us! and he knew his destiny. He could have at any moment asked not to have to go though with the torture,AND PAIN HE SUFFERED ON THE CROSS BUT HE DIDNOT CAUSE WHY HE LOVED US! there is no movie will ever be able to portray how terribly he was beaten, how he bled and died but know what?UNLIKE A LOT OF RELIGON’S OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS ALIVE! and thank GOD for people like roma and her husband who knew when they started this movie they would be condemned and criticize but they held their faith and kept looking up and they knew God would get them thought this. our time on this earth is very very short and the devil is doing everything he can to get as many souls as he can before God turns to his SON JESUS AND SAYS GO GET YOUR BRIDE!!!!!! PRAISE GOD! like the song says WHEN HE WAS ON THE CROSS I WAS ON HIS MIND EVERYBODY NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THAT HE DIED FOR THE YOUR SINS EVEN BEFORE YOU WERE BORN!

  • They could have taken their money and made a horror flick. The faith that Jesus is being exalted is admirable. We need to pray that the Lord will use this for others to come to know Christ. There is more garbage being fed in some churches under the umbrella of Jesus Christ than on this movie. I received my salvation after watching a unpopular Christian movie in the 70’s. God used it in my life to get my attention. He still has my attention. Pray for this couple that God will use them and he will become more real in their life.

  • The bible indicates that white skin is a genetic virogenesis disease condition called leprosy: 2kings 5:27)all Caucasian European white skin people are unclean according to the holy Bible indicates they are born with leprosy vs their leprosy breaking out. Leviticus 13:12)god almighty indicate be separate from them and do not touch unclean thing.2corinthians 6:17). The Eurocentric Christians world does not know the truth about the real Jesus/ayesu and has been promoting a white savior to the world although the earliest images of Christ to be of dark complexion of the tribe Judah from the afrikan continent. And not from Europe when religion was introduced to Europe from the afrikan lands. Jesus and his mother were accepted &worshipped in their original form without any issues,but that started to change around 31bc-ad14.

    During the renaissance period there was a contest between Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo (which Leonardo da Vinci won) to see who could make an impression on the king by creating a new image of the kings son Cesare borgia . pope Alexander vi Cesare father,loved his son so much that he wanted his portrait depicted as the image of “Jesus Christ” therefore he commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to create an image of his so that would be used as the “likeness” of Jesus with the sole purpose of passing off Jesus as European in appearance.

  • @Texas Proud,

    Your loyalty to the ancient theory of a genocidal God’s own self-martyrdom is the scariest thing on this page.

    Atheists may have the wrong opinion about God, not believing in it and such. But at least we aren’t demonstrably dangerous as is your whirlwind of absolutist rhetoric.

  • umm no MAX your statement is the scariest thing on here, I will pray for you cause I do not know what made you to be the way you are,nor do I need to know, but one day I do believe in my heart you will reach a place in your life where you will call out to God,because he will be the only one who can help you get though what ever you may go though,I thank God everyday for letting me be born a preacher’kid as we are called, and a granddaughter of a preacher, that let me study the bible and decide that with out a doubt God is alive and he loved us so much he gave his only son for our sins, may you find that love before the Rapture.Just get a Bible and read though it, it does not have to be a King James get one a living bible that helps you understand ever thing God has done and still does for us,what you got to lose you do not believe now but if you HAVE A LOT TO GAIN WHEN YOU realize the BIBLE is the TRUTH! MAYGOD BLESS YOU ON YOUR PATH.

    Thank God for people like you, that will stand up for our Lord, May God bless you in every aspect of your life.

  • I was rereading the comments about the devil looking like Obama, the people that sees this are they Obama supporter’s and if it is I find that a bit strange, understand what I am saying?


  • @Linda,
    You meant to be kind. But, you lost me at “Rapture”. Threats such as “Believe or you will die” are not only cruel but completely baseless. The Book of Revelation is a genre known as Apocryphal writing.
    Sorry you don’t know that.

  • Max glad you know your wrong. I guess the question is if you know your wrong why do you fight?

  • @Beth,
    No, I didn’t say I was wrong. I said I MAY be wrong. As in, I cannot prove God does not exist.

    But I do know that I do not believe in God.
    Atheists like me do not believe in God – that’s all.

    God may exist. I don’t know. I honestly cannot believe in it though.

    He may forgive me for being honest – or not – but there is nothing I can do about ‘not believing.’
    God, and his love of bloody human sacrifice, is one of the most ridiculous ideas I ever heard.

  • Good evening, Larry,

    Your passionate responses from the ad hominem preceed you. You are continually postured in the offensive, as it relates to your attack of truth, all at once you offer nothing but a simplistic view into the finite abyss of our creatureliness, from within the temporal understranding of this world. You see only that which the senses allow for, at once negating the infinite existence of your mind. Forgive me if my words somehow offend you, as that is not intended. Without citing the miserable creature Hume, Larry, express what it is that you believe your mind to be. How is it that you know your mind is? What are the limits of your mind? When and how does your mind end? Hume answers precious none of that as can an existentialist not.

    Know that the ad hominem response is from its deepest interiority of understanding, thence its expression, simply a reflex of the passions, it is not of the intellect. It is a reductionist response, adding nothing to intellectual discourse, as it cannot, when the passions remain infinitely subservient the intellect, as a dog to a human. You remain forever trapped in the corporal understanding of our existence, Larry. Your free will choice, of course.

    You see “faith” as a “superstitious” understanding. You see it as the inability to know, rather a means to purely suppose, when all at once, “faith”, which is a gift of Almighty God to His human person creation, is indeed the ability to know that which is not sensually knowable. If you deny that, then you deny your very existence Larry, because you have no sensual means of knowing that your mind exists. Science can only know what is sensual. The world perverts the truth of faith. Faith is a gift of God to us that allows us to “know” that which is not measureable. It is NOT, however, a gift to “know how”. The “know how” remains in the Mind of God. How can we know that? If you understand it differently, then simply tell me what makes a “tree” a “tree”.

    Know Him through His Faith given us,


  • Earold,
    faith is not dishonesty. you have probably learned in science class that humans have a heart which pumps blood. how do you KNOW that your body indeed has a heart inside? you take it on faith that your insides are the same as other humans who have been studied by science. you might argue you have heard you heart beat or seen an image on film created by a camera. ( assuming no heart surgeries. if so try the lungs) but none of this is proof. there is still a faith leap to believe in the stethoscope and the images you see. every day, people take millions of things on faith. they would go crazy without faith. faith is believing in something you can not see. if you are to use your argument, you must say too that you can not know for sure you have a physical heart because any faith is dishonesty. Earold, I doubt you will hear me either. putting our faith in our own selves rather than a Creator is the poison, Earold.
    faith can be honest. if it is true that I have a physical heart inside me, it is honest to have faith in it. and to say that I believe there is a heart inside me causing that beating is honest even if someday I am cut open and I am the one case in the world known to date where something else does the pumping. without the acceptance academically of any faith, it is true you can argue a false set of excuses not to believe in a Creator. the real honesty is to say, ” I don’t want to know, and a deceiving red herring is easier. ” anyone who honestly finds faith is honest with themselves even if the thing they believe turns out to not be true. anyone who honestly doesn’t is also being honest. but to say FAITH is dishonest is a logical fallacy. we all have faith in something. many things. in one hour you will reach for a glass and have faith you can pick it up because you did in a now pretend past. you take it on faith you can do it now, too. and to orrow so you wash the cup believing it will be there. we can not do anything without faith in something we can not see. for me, faith in me fails. faith in science fails.

  • Phyllis, as I was reading your comment, a few thoughts came to mind that I’d like to respectfully share. To question the Bible’s accuracy and the validity of the accounts presented in it discredits the entire work as a whole. Many men were inspired by God to write down the words of His will, power, love, mercy, and grace, and yes, at times it may logically seem impossible to keep all of the details truly intact. However, I am reminded that these accounts undeniably correlate to one another when translated directly from the original language. Additionally, the Bible is not the only source for many of the historical events it describes. I simply want to caution you because to question one area of the Bible is to question all of it-right down to Christ’s birth, death, resurection, and offer of salvation for all of us, broken, sinful, rebellious creations. His creations. If we doubt one element of God’s Word, then we lose the entire security of our salvation, without which, what purpose would it serve to profess ourselves as christians? Keep seeking truth in Him, friend, and you shall surely find it.
    >In Christ

  • Actually, the gospels record a face-to-face meeting between Jesus and Satan. It’s an important illustration about how to deal with temptation when it comes, and there’s no question Jesus triumphed over the Evil One. I have to take issue with them “cutting Satan”, whatever the reasons behind it. Think the actor looks too much like the President? Recast the role and reshoot.

  • SO GLAD I went over to the local Regal Cinema today before Ash Wednesday! .. with little belief that I was going to like this movie!, after reading all of these disgusting rants here the other day..BUT.. my God!!! .. it was stunning cinema and realistic to fabulous acting,….. making me tear up so bad that I was glad the theater was totally dark but was worried that I might make a whimpering noise when the scenes went quiet! I know!!.. I look too macho to sob so that was solved by my being alone …….. a lady offered to move her purse out of the center seat so I could sit next to her but I said ” thanks.. but this is centered ENOUGH.” PLEASE cinema buffs,… do yourself a HUGE RELIGIOUS TAINTED favor and SEE THIS… helping put more Bible-oriented stuff into our cinema houses to end up in our own home theaters.

  • Son of God is a cash cow. Christians will throw their money at it and Roma and friends will say “god bless you” and run to the bank.

    Anyone who couldn’t tell Satan looked like President Obama in the first edit of the mini-series is lying. The act of making Satan look like the President was deliberate and meant to further polarize the electorate and generate publicity for the film… a tried and true Hollywood tactic.

    Christians must not be allowed to have positive regard for a US President who doesn’t want to send their kids off to die in unjust war or who refuses to yank the safety net out from under the poor.

  • Max, I am sorry that you took me mentioning the Rapture as a threat, it was not meant that way at all, we will all not get out of this world alive, we will die and either go to hell or heaven we live long enough as a Christian we will be raptured which will be a gloriest day, read the book of Daniel and the book of Revelations. and like I said in my last reply the book of King James is hard sometimes to understand, I have a living bible, it is a bible that puts the scripture in today’s understanding, in no way does it change what the bible says,or takes away or adds to God infallible word of God. Every word in the bible is what God told them to write.Max this is between you and your creator which is only you can decide what you want to believe. To me I can only tell you once again pray for you and that God will reveal himself to you in a way that you cannot explain it away but it had to be God and Jesus Christ could have only way it could have happen, I will still pray for you that you will ask Jesus into your heart and know the peace and joy only he can give you, God bless you on your journey, like I said in my last reply what do you have to lose, But oh what you have to gain when you open your mind and heart to our Lord Jesus and ask him to come into your heart. God bless you. Max you may not believe but you know what God believes in you.

  • I do not want to compare movies that are made to tell what Jesus went though to us but the movie The Passion Of the Christ was a very true to fact movie, I hope this movie will have the same effect on lost people as that movie did.But I do thank Roma and her husband taking on this task knowing they would become under attack about it. Satan is at work here, so I ask everyone to please pray for this couple and this movie.

  • I would like to thank ROMA and her husband for making this movie mayit have a impact on lives as did the Passion of Christ did. May God bless them and this movie.

  • AMEN! I think you could even just show Satan from the back and never have a face-just making sure people realize it is the devil and you could have worked it.


    “what do you have to lose….God believes in you”

    There isn’t the slightest reason or purpose in believing as far as I can tell.
    I can’t figure out any benefit.
    What reason could there be? Hell isn’t real…so Saviors are not needed. But the Rapture is real?
    It is completely incoherent.

  • Philippians 4:4-9
    4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

  • I don’t understand you people – I stared at the actor portraying Satan and, for the life of me, could not see a resemblance to the president. Are you saying that any role in which the actor is black is a resemblance to Obama? That’s downright stupid. In any case, Obama is half-white!

  • Max, what you have to lose? you do not believe now that is what that question meant. What you have to gain? You gain your soul to Jesus not to lose it to Satan.Max being a preacher kid and granddaughter of a preacher I have seen and heard people who are dying and is not a child of God, it is a horrible death, I will share a story with you my uncle believed in God, but never asked Jesus into his heart cause he was so convinced cause he was in ww2 and had to kill people and he believed with all his heart God could not forgive him even though my grandfather the preacher was his brother tried everything to convince him God forgives anything if you ask, on his death bed he was screaming his feet was on fire his arms would go down beside his bed and scream fo them to let go, he was not on any medicine he knew what was happening he told my grandfather, he screamed in torment till he took his last breath, I been with people who was a child of God and the peace that came over them was amazing, my brother-in-law died 4years ago of cancer a horrible death in it’s own right, yes he was in severe pain but smiled the whole time, I have a picture of him sitting in a chair about 12 hrs before he died and he was smiling, and when he took his last breath he was still smiling, now Max like I said before God created you. May one day you will let your heart and mind open to this, I have said all I know to say, it is your life you will live it as you wish, you will still be in my prayers. May one day before to late you will open your mind and heart to the truth. Bye Max May God bless you if you will, just let him.

  • @Texas Proud,
    Thanks for sharing your anecdotal stories, but I still see no reason to believe and plenty of reasons to not believe.

    Don’t you think the greatest, most amazing, most powerful, most loving and infinite God should have some evidence that he exists?

    If fact it seems like a wicked thing to waste one’s life looking up to the sky and giving sacrifices for and making promises to a ‘vast nothingness’ that does not exist to return the favor.

    Even worse would be to get others to join you in doing so. Having ‘faith’ in this god instead of…say…faith in medicine could even kill someone someday. It happens all the time.

  • Dear Atheist Max~
    “But, you lost me at “Rapture”. Threats such as “Believe or you will die” are not only cruel but completely baseless. The Book of Revelation is a genre known as Apocryphal writing. Sorry you don’t know that.”
    “Apocryphal writing” is not a genre. The word you meant to describe The Revelation was “Apocalyptic”. I do agree with you, however, concerning the conjured idea of a “rapture”. It is the result of coming up with an idea, then picking out a handful of Scriptures that seem like they might, maybe, sort of, sound like what you want people to believe. And off we go! 😛

  • Yes Barrack Obama is none other than the one and only Satan, the world has known of his existence and coming for centuries, he is here, look at the buildup of arms and machinery to control and deal with subversives… (the US citizens) through dismantling the 2nd amendment and then annihilating all opposition by using the billions of rounds of Ammunition he has purchased to kill off all opposition, and using the millions of Body containers he has been stockpiling, We are very definitely living in very dangerous times, Putin’s action is the Ukraine will pale compared to what is in store for the citizens of the USA.

  • Yes, I did mean “Apocalyptic” – thanks. The moment I saw it I knew I had the wrong word. Unfortunately, no edit button.

    Bart Ehrman’s comments on the Book of Revelation should be required reading for all Christians. The “Rapture” is nonsense.

    The immoral horror-porn of Eschatological Armageddon is a self-fulfilling commitment to end the world in a nuclear war.
    Aside from being incoherent with a ‘loving God’ it may be the single most evil concept at work in our culture today. A good reason for thinking people to wake up a bit – and get away from religion as fast as they can.

  • @Ken,
    “We are very definitely living in very dangerous times.”

    Yes, we are. Because too many people believe hogwash about mideaval era Armageddon and refuse to apply any thought at all to how ridiculous and dangerous such theories are.

    You don’t catch your own incoherence, either. If you believe in Jesus and the Rapture – what is dangerous about the end-times? Isn’t that supposed to be your happy day?


  • MAX, I am beginning to wonder who you are trying to convince you or others. GOD IS REAL JESUS IS REAL THERE IS MORE EVIDENCE FOR THE BIBLE. IT IS FUNNY THE MORE THE SCINTIST TRY TO DISPROVE THE BIBLE THE MORE THEY PROVE IT IS TRUE. watch a show the other night that sat out to disprove the bible and know what happen when he got though he got on his knees and asked Jesus into his heart and others with him PRAISE GOD HIS WONDERS TO BE PREFORM. And not afraid of the rapture it excites me, the only thing that scares me is what people will go though here on earth that are left behind, so I pray for all my family and friends and their friends. I said yesterday I will not try to convince you anymore but I had to reply to that one, so if you are looking for someone to argue with about it you will have to find someone else, all I can do is pray for you, and that is what I have been doing. goodbye max

  • sorry me again I just read your reply to my stories as you put it, Max whatever happen in your life to make you so bitter towards God, that I now that you do believe you just will not let go of your anger and you blame everything that has on God. you want to know when God showed himself to you? every time you look in the mirror, or if you have baby pictures you can look at when you were born all evidence you need.

  • @Linda,
    If photos of oneself as a child could persuade people to believe in Jesus Christ you would not need missionaries all around the world, but photographers.

    Yes. Beautiful children are beautiful. Even atheists were beautiful children.

    When we think about ‘god’ we think about our parents and our grandparents and all the love we recall from our lives. I still remember my family that way.

    But ‘God’ concepts must be abandoned, since that part of the story is clearly not real. I still love everyone just as much – including the beautiful babies – but there is not good in thinking a god is behind any of it.

  • In this period in history, with evidence in science that disproves the Bible in hundreds of basic facts, it seems hard to believe that people still literally believe in it. The Bible says the earth does not move. I says the earth is flat. It says there are two kinds of light, moonlight and sunlight. It says the earth is 6000 years old. It says donkeys talk. All this is rather silly.

    What is interesting is that Roma Downey is a believer in the literal Bible. I ask why she is on her third marriage when the Bible clearly says divorce is against the word of God? Isn’t that the definition of a hypocrite?

    Matthew 5:31
    “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.’

    Matthew 19:6
    So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

  • As a continuance, I would like to add other Bible verbage on how Roma Donwey justifies being on her third marriage when she claims to follow the word of God.

    New International Version
    “The man who hates and divorces his wife,” says the LORD, the God of Israel, “does violence to the one he should protect,” says the LORD Almighty. So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful.

    New Living Translation
    “For I hate divorce!” says the LORD, the God of Israel. “To divorce your wife is to overwhelm her with cruelty,” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. “So guard your heart; do not be unfaithful to your wife.”

    English Standard Version
    “For the man who does not love his wife but divorces her, says the LORD, the God of Israel, covers his garment with violence, says the LORD of hosts. So guard yourselves in your spirit, and do not be faithless.”


  • No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him (John 1:18).

  • Camille:

    No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him (John 1:18).

  • I see most of the bloggers here are in the fold of cognitive dissonance. No matter how silly, how impossible a premise is, they will find a way to rationalize it.

    People need God, Brainwashing at its best. A person’s religion is based almost solely on what country they were born in, and what their parents taught the. That’s why all clergy are told to get into a child’s head before they are 10 years old as they cannot have to understanding on what the truth is.

    30,000 different religions and everyone thinks they have the best one. And all through history they are told to kill anyone – or reject someone – who is different. True bullyism at work.

    Just look at the thumpers here. And of course they are never hypocrites.

  • Exactly!!! Couldn’t of said it better!! The president is bi-racial and the actor appears Mediterranean, East African, Middle Eastern or Indian. Not that it matters — the point is — there is no resemblance between the two-period. Thank you for commenting and now I’ll resume viewing…. Jesus is Lord!

  • First, before I criticize, I want to congratulate Roma for her success as a student, actress and woman living on a spiritual path.

    HOWEVER, the movie was really lame in general, and I am surprised she allowed it it to be. The crucifixion was the only
    convincing and touching scene. Thank
    goodness they at least redeemed that part.
    First, Jesus did not have a bad british accent, pearly white bleached teeth or wear a scarf bought at Nordstrom. He looks like a rich brat who owns a yacht with that on.
    Adding Hollywood versions instead of the actually historical version is truly
    nauseating and really discredits the whole thing. It all reminded me of that old pretentious woman with pink and purple hair on the TBN Christian channel. So disappointing with the leverage there was.

  • I heard that Downey is a fan of Obama…how could she dismiss satan from a film about Christ??? satan is the prime antagonist…she wanted to be politically correct period…

  • I saw the movie “SON of GOD” twice to check myself in what I thought I saw missing….many things were different than the Bible…the Lazarus story was wrong from the original event…the last supper was not right….it had Jesus washing His hands not the feet of the disciples…they have Jesus being murdered instead of like He said “no one takes my life, I give it” they have Mary Magdalen always with the apostles even in the boat… was that to make it PC for women? Not sure the message that Jesus is God was clear…..but the Lazarus story was the one that got me, which happened they way it did in the Bible to show Jesus was sent from the Father and is Himself the Resurrection and the Life.. On the other had “God’s NOT Dead” is an inspiration and I can in good conscience recommend it to everyone.

  • Saw the Son of God movie yesterday. Deeply moving. Loved the calling of Matthew. So much real emotion in those who heard the Lord. Was crying all through the suffering of Jesus. Thank you Roma and friends. A great movie to share with those seeking Jesus. Don’t be put off by the critics. Jesus wasn’t.
    But next time can someone have Jesus saying WITH A LOUD VOICE, “IT IS FINISHED!” What a wonder… what a blessing!

  • Thanks you for leaving Satan out of the Son of man – we should know he exists but not give him too much attention, nor too much power. I also believe that when holy angels (those with and without wings) “do their jobs right” they are invisible – we don’t see them so much as The Cross and the Lord Himself.

  • Thank you Lou for such an honest comment.
    I have seen just about every movie made about Jesus in the last 50 years. I have despaired for the last 10 that we would see no more Bible based movies at the theatre or on television, even at Christmas. No, the movie was not always in context . Yes they took some literary license. They all have. Even the best one of all “The Passion of the Christ” did those things. There is simply no way to perfectly portray the perfect son of God. There is also no way to portray a spirit being (satan) that we have never seen. I think that being was portrayed as he is in real life today. He was a snake in the garden because he used the body of a snake causing it to be cursed, and he is always in the background orchestrating evil just as he was doing in the movie.
    Those that know their Bible will surely be able to know the real story and the sequence of events that took place. Regardless of Roma Downey’s religious affiliation, she has done a good thing by reminding everyone that Jesus was real and that He died that we might be saved and yes we do have an enemy of our soul that desires only evil toward God’s creation.
    Whether they like the movie or not it is definitely a topic of much discussion is it not?

  • Isn’t it interesting that in all of these scriptures God was speaking to the man?
    We cannot judge what is in a person’s heart, or will will be judged the same way.
    God is the only true judge.

  • WTG Mark,
    If not mistaken Mary fell into a deep sleep when she conceived Jesus, No where have I ever read that Mary felt pain conceiving Jesus. How wrong would that be I am thinking if she felt pain she would no longer be a virgin??? Most women losing their virginity experience some discomfort??? God came through her body just like when Jesus did the healing do you think they felt actual pain the blind man did his eye feel like it was bursting because I don’t think the gentle touch of Jesus would hurt.
    Speaking from experience I was having heart problem and a band was at our church singing about the blind man that Jesus put mud on his eyes & told him to get to the pool and was the mud away. I had my hand raised in praise, Mentally I said God you are the Ultimate Healer touch me I am tired of Doctors, down my middle finger ran a slight tingling feeling like a shock, it went down my arm across my chest landing right on the spot where I had the heart pain every time, it sat there a minute or so and left. I have not had heart pain since. GLORY TO GOD!!!!!! So is Jesus/God/My Savior Dead NO HE IS ALIVE SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER WAITING TO COME & GET HIS CHILDREN… BE WATCHING ITS NOT GOING TO BE LONG.

  • You are so misguided in all of your dogma. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was not always a virgin, so is not the Ever-Virgin Mary you depict, is not the ‘Holy Mother Church’ and was just a normal Jewish girl who was a virgin. She went on to be a mother – married to Joseph – to other sons and daughters. It is in the Bible – and James (one of the writers of the Bible) was her son and half brother to Jesus. The only ones to be worshipped are God and Jesus and definitely NOT Mary. We do not come to Jesus through Mary…but rather we come to God the Father through Jesus the Son. Jesus said Himself that NO man comes to the Father except through Him (Jesus). To say that Mary did not give birth in the normal way is nothing but an empty assumption and is not biblically based. I can only hope and pray that you will look into God’s Word for the truth of all you believe and not rely on false teachings.

  • Omgoodness, Victoria, Mark was way out in left field…..and you actually agreed with him?????

  • Amen, brother! This couple has promoted and sold even to churches a false Jesus and a false message. They are New Agers so what fruit can you expect?…other than a New Age message. How many people, churches have bought into that deception?


  • lol “vaguely resembled?” come on. He was made to look exactly like Obama on purpose. At least be honest when your propaganda is so obvious.

  • So harsh and judgemental. What happened to the most important..LOVE.
    It’s nice to see a movie whether it’s inaccurate or not about our Lord.
    Relax people it’s a movie.

  • So what truth is more important for people to be talking about? How weird the devil looks or Jesus? Because I want people to see Jesus.

  • I completely understand why they cut Obama from the movie. The separation of Church and state was to protect the Church from government not the government from the Church. I was afraid this country was lost to the abomination of our government, but after watching this movie I feel people still are looking and praying to God.

  • I think if we cut LUCIFER/satan from son of GOD if they are not the same then i guess thats always possible if LUCIFER did things he believed he could lead everyone taking over and make sure future become good if he also wanted to give more freedom if wanted there to be freedom to love between angels if GOD had forbidden it earlier if LUCIFER someone so much he was willing to do anything to be with him/her if she said he/she didnt want to make GOD upset with him/her even if GOD ends up resenting him and just him if LUCIFER could have lived with GOD being dissapointed in him i wonder what many others would have felt about that if LUCIFER was willing to gain all blame if wanted many to love eachother not be afraid of it ending with some of them crying if one of them died somehow and the one who loved this angel cried much and if felt depressed i guess it would be hard sometimes life has hardships thats just how it is life has good times and bad times even for angels
    if everyone could be happy then it would be nice but it couldnt happen because does not accept it or some become jealous 2 angels loving same angel and then fighted it would have been better letting the one they both love decide and not resent the other if being loved or if settled which one of them getting to be him/her and support relationship if could still be friends it would be positive and if many loved eachother and if they were perfect for eachother
    if they both liked same things if LUCIFER had passion for music and was dedicated to his work if you could have called it work and few other things if he loved somone who would be like him if liked music too and was dedicated to do lot of good make sure everything is peaceful and everyone be happy enjoy themselves not be crying and being depressed all the time human shouldnt be that way if could be free from pain and stress allowed to have fun play with others and other things that can bring joy even sleep much if loved to sleep
    most of the time if LUCIFER loved someone and wished to be happy with him/her but ended up feeling diffrent when his failed strategy and GODs stubborness got him into pain, hatred and misery and if fallen angels hurted others only after felt so much pain, felt anger, hatred, angst, anxiety, fear and sorrow all of that can make anyone lose control it wouldnt be any diffrent if st Raphael or st Gabriel felt hellfire for 30 to 45 days straight if fighted back anger and tried to resist temptation and if got free from hell if first cried and screamed out in pain still feeling it and it never ending if Gabriel would also have pleaded to GOD to let her die so he/she could be free from pain and remember about pain did to LUCIFER if not wanted to hurt anyone but if he/she could never die and pain slowing down but not ending if she would become depressed and miserable always crying sometimes too and then either become insane or suddendly lose control and hurt everyone aroud him/her if were able to hold back and control anger and other emotions and recover i guess he/she could have understood LUCIFER couldnt have helped
    how he became the way he did make many suffer and causing evil actions if he didnt have strength hold in thoughts like that anymore and pain pressuring on him if he then breaked out of the evil habit if LUCIFER felt bad and guilty about what he did in the past causing evil actions i wouldnt have been happy LUCIFER could have a change of heart as you call it and i ask this all of sudden if LUCIFER would have a daughter with one of the angels in heaven if he did get chance to go back to heaven if he took chance if he even got chance to be with the one who he love so much if then became father i would wonder if the child could be good or be risk doing things if inherited some of LUCIFERs anger and emotions when was in hell if child would have temper and feeling for causing damage it would be hard to have the son or daughter be good if almost no one could change him/her but if LUCIFER could because felt anger and did lot things or if son/daughter become okay not do evil actions
    i would think they could been happy that child wouldnt do horrible things if loved child much could have the son/daughter be happy to not give in to temptation it would be good if many remember they should be careful what to say remembering if child could have been capable of doing something dangerous if felt angry and being kicked or insulted if some of the pain LUCIFER felt was making child risk of having temper if provoked or being insulted id say they be careful i wonder if angel wouldnt wanted to have child with LUCIFER if felt it was too risky if son/daughter would do horrible things in the future because of one thing or two or had hard childhood anyone can change for worse or some risk being influenced if even knew of fathers past if did and then if had something inside like telling him/her to do things and if not knew of guilt or sadness that would been reason to be worried if letting sondaughter be alone if there not be anyone with him/her to remind of whats right and wrong and too not listen to voice if like dark side would try tempt him/her or if twins were born at same time one good and one kind of evil i wonder if GOD would be worried about things turn out badly in the future if letting the so called evil twin that could be reason to worry if during childhood twin hurted someone on impulse without realising one did hurt someone so much if GOD felt the twin should been in like certain facility in the future to make sure the twin couldnt do more harm if couldnt get change for better
    and about evil it depends on if what evil is and evil would be born from pain, anger, hatred, anxiety, fear and sorrow if children of such people then it be bad if such children be born those who would commit evil actions and not feel guilt and regret i would hope such thing never happens if LUCIFER were free from hell and from pain that he never has son or daughter with anyone because child might never be able to be good i would feel pity on LUCIFER if couldnt have son with a human if fallen in love with human or if LUCIFER loved someone in heaven and deeply still loved her but was stubborn and pain being in the way in love pain can make things go bad for manys love life
    if LUCIFER still being stubborn and had temper if it was hard to love him if he
    was that way i think ít would been bad to throw some to hell if one did things for love wanted to love someone so much but ended up in pain and alone instead that is hard if someone LUCIFER would feel guilty i say its good if felt bad if never wanted to hurt someone because of rebellion if even felt LUCIFER suffered enough if LUCIFER still felt little pain if couldnt be free if swanted to comfort and cheeer him up that be nice if LUCIFER could have felt happy even if it took long time before could feel happy again and be able to do lot of good like he did before the pain changed him for the worse thats all i had to say bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

  • Im sorry if i said something wrong when i mentioned about if LUCIFER would have breaked free from the evil habit he got used to if he could have been free from pain and being evil to be good at last i would be happy about it if some could have tried to forgive LUCIFER i think he would deserve to be forgiven after all suffering he had to go through and it would have been easier if GOD and LUCIFER tried to settle peace leaving the past behind only focusing on the future not bickering contstantly over diffrances or how they work as long as its not evil like making many suffer hellfire if LUCIFER gave pain, sadness, anger, depression, happiness and other feelings and emotions and hardship too if wanted to test us mortal humans if we can be good if we can be commited to something no matter what or if its just empty words if you married someone promised to always love her/him for better or worse and to never betray her/his trust if LUCIFER loved someone very much if he was willing to be commited and faihtful if he wasnt scared about being in relationship even if he ends up heartbroken if wanted to take chance not hide how he truly felt if he asked the one he loved if he/she felt the same way but if felt too scared and insecure about entering a relationship with anyone i would think LUCIFER would say you shouldnt run away from feelings its of course important to try at least if one is heartbroken its not the end it might be depressing but you can move on if LUCIFER wanted to see if married couples could be truly faithful if tested by making wife sick staying in bed for 2 days if husband would help her and stand by her side or if he wouldnt care so much about her it then proves he takes love for granted if one wanted to be married one should be aware its not easy if you and the one you truly loved wanted to be married if you two promised to always be there for eachother and never cheat to believing thier love could last forever then it can happen but only if they do not feel regret and love eachother with all their heart and i think LUCIFER knows about loving someone despite going through hardship even feeling pain and faced with fear or feel unsure if LUCIFER didnt wanted to lose hope he could still be with the one he truly loved and if he did get to be with him/her again and finally be loving eachother i wonder if many angels even mother mary would been amazed if LUCIFER struggled much and learned from mistakes and if he wanted to love someone still believing that he could be happy with him/her it would say love is strong and if love was what made LUCIFER go through everything if many even realised they shouldnt take love for granted and some not need to hide from what they really feel thats good if
    even many other angels would tried to give love a chance if LUCIFER made many of them think i would almost think LUCIFER was almost as wise as GOD
    even if is younger and is not old and i do wonder how jealous some would be if LUCIFER even got stronger than he was and became better leader and helped many and knew humans better than them if pain and hardship made LUCIFER feel he could understand us mortal humans better i wonder how st Michael would have felt if LUCIFER said he could never understand how humans are and what pain and hardship if st Michael would tried to prove he could understand us and if then lived through life if felt sadness pain and hardship if could understand things better and understand LUCIFER a little that his struggle wasnt easy if MICHAEL JACKSON and st Michael would have been one and the same im sure it would have surprised you if it were true if MJ felt pain and experienced life on earth if felt he knew everything better than before if LUCIFER would said things that pain can make things harder if one
    cant try to make effort to stay good and be able to do things like normal not letting pain make you scared if was in relationship hoped love could help to not think about pain and avoiding it but then it ended relationship if one normal angel lived on earth if felt much pain and had some anger if hoped loving someone could help make her feel better but it not going so well like for
    example in one of MJs songs dont walk away when he mentioned about pain getting in the way if you would think MJ was getting distracted by pain or becoming little scared if MJ would then understand sometimes things happen love isnt always easy and not ot be taken for granted and if some would take love for granted with MJ partially if when games and money is all she ever thought of meaning she wouldnt been serious about loving him truly and be faithful to not leave him but it happened some do not try to think if they being little spoiled if married someone just because hes rich then its not right if married someone just for the money GOD would feel dissapointed and LUCIFER too if he would ask her if she ever felt bad why she would sacrifice her chance to go to heaven just for earthly desires and having love affairs when married if LUCIFER would few times give nightmares as warning of what the future might for any of you if were going to get married if even LUCIFER would say things to you that if you hesitate and doing things wrong that you might lose chance to go to heaven if showed like future you frozen in ice or in hellfire if he told you if you truly loved her/him you shouldnt cheat i guess that
    would be one to have any of you realise what luck you would have loving somoene and should not take it for granted and i would wonder if some would wanted to understand everything almost as much as LUCIFER did if did go through life making few mistakes and trying to do good and even loving someone or if it like accident if unintended if like st Gabriel landed in lake of fire and was in there for days if got out but screamed out in pain and cried himself/herself to sleep if pain would seem to much if wanted to die if aksed GOD to let her die to be at peace if was too afraid of the pain it making her do things and the guilt that would come afterwards if he/she would then survive if breaked through if managed to recover i would think Gabriel could ahve understood LUCIFER that it wasnt easy that pain is not something one should want and acknowledging it could make anyone even an angel or archangel like himself/herself do things one wouldnt want to do if like an evil side was born and brought out when pain intensified it would be sad i guess if LUCIFER could have helped some that felt pain survive and become brandnew self not evil but stronger and not take life for granted feeling more determined and more sure than ever before if felt nervous and scared about loving someone but then feel sure that he/she could love her/him and to not take love for granted if LUCIFER said deep love for someone made him willing to struggle and trying to break away from evil to become good again if learned mistakes too thats lesson some would have learned that life isnt perfect one does mistakes sometimes and things can go wrong sometimes couples having a fight but if can learn from it that can make you know what you shouldnt do next time if GOD realised if he did a mistake when sent LUCIFER and the other rebellions to hell if it made things get turn for worse but then LUCIFER stopping everything of evil actions thats been commited and if took care of the illuminati too that shows some arent all bad its little funny if even st Raphael would been jealous of him if wanted to be like him if LUCIFER became so much loved for music and saved everyone and breaked free from pain and evil actions he once commited if being taunted that hes a whimp i wonder if Raphael would either call him a meanie or try proving he can go through much not give in to pain and hardship that would been interesting but enough is enough i had said too much thats all bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

  • I just want to thank Roma Downey for helping me come to Christ. She was an Angel in ‘Touched by an Angel and I knew then that if an Angel were ever to visit me, I would hope she would look, sound and act exactly like Miss Downey. I never realised at the time, that through the power of television, that IS exactly what did happen.
    Miss Downey, thank you so much. You are in every way one of. God’s Angels.

  • There were 66 books of the Bible with 40 authors, all scribing the inerrant word of God, dictated BY God. Any TV or Big-Screen adaptation would have to balance the time constraints with the true essence of the written Word. After all, how many people watch a movie and then reach for the original book? I for one have always done a fair bit of that. Any production that can keep enough of the true essence that then encourages people to pick up a Bible and read the original text for themselves, has accomplished what it set out to do…

  • If you believe and choose Love, then you have nothing to fear. I had learned to pray for my own personal Discernment before reading a spiritual text or document, but I learned that if you know that Love comes from God and Heaven, and Fear/Evilm it is not from God. Then its clear they did the correct thing for those that don’t have the devil in their lives. I used to be able to communicate with Angels and the Heavens and for devilish reasons I got cut off from this “gift”, too many unwanting beings wanting to tap into my connection with God had me giving it back to God.

    But what I tell people, continue choosing Love. Only think and humour the devil when it appears, then make it leave, then move on with your Heart Centers leading your paths.

    As for Dark and Light, I had to learn that, we must only see Evil and Love, Benevolence and Malevolence, Bad and Good. You can’t judge a book by its cover and to cast someone into hell, its not our business to send anyone to Hell. I learned its difficult and hard to end up in Hell, but lots really work hard to end up there. Lots of us get invited back or to Heaven and many are afraid due to lies and false advertising about God that they don’t go into the Light.

    There are those of us that can see the devil and even say their names out loud. You believe in a true Heaven that is Love, then you have nothing to fear, although we can get hurt on Earth, we should not fear, its almost as easy as calling on the Arch Angel Michael, he is really good at making people and unseen beings leave. I recommend reading other’s experiences with real Angels, near Death Experiences, etc online. Christ has been known to show up in a school bus to pick up children that have died in groups. So know the power that stems from Heaven, it runs on Love not ego and not power tripping. I have heard stories as well that Angels have made cars disappear and appear away from accidents. So know what can be done. When I heard the most malevolence, I was told the Heavens will make them eat their words. In the end they did, their bark is all i heard and I was the one that bit them.

  • I agree – the devil was defeated at the cross. The Bible mentions the devil many times to show how mean and deceiving he is and how war will be fought against the Evil One in the future. Too many people today believe that Satan and demons do not exist or that ALL people will be saved. They do not realize that sin HAS to be paid for/forgiven. Sin cannot exist in a soul while in Heaven. Not only did the devil deceive Adam and Eve, he also brought down many angels with him. The sneaky snake is influencing so many people, even Christians, at this time and taking their eyes off of God with all the technology and immorality going on.

  • Also, the movie does not really explain that Yeshua is a Jewish Rabbi and he is also Middle Eastern. Roman Catholics tried to remove anything having to do with Judaism that they could and other churches later followed. The church admits to having changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and also changed Jewish festival days to coincide with the Romans and pagans. Yes, some of the Jewish rituals are fanatical, which is what Yeshua was condemning. Yeshua did not eat pork, observed the Sabbath, there was no Santa Claus nor Easter Bunny (both Santa and the bunny bring gifts – parents should not LIE to their children about Santa and the bunny – lying is a sin), etc. There are Christians who celebrate Halloween yet it is an occult day (not a holiday/”holy” day). So sad . . .

  • The reason there are so many Christians is that hardly one has actually read the bible. The bible is illogical and sounds like a story based on man’s primitive understanding of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Absolute Truth.
    The bible doesn’t speak on the essence of all living beings but says that a god chooses a certain people and all else are unimportant, then later on tries to rectify this with the Jesus story. I don’t buy it, nor would anyone with half a brain.

  • Your Satan was plagiarized Christian from the Egyptians Aten. aspect of Ra Dio. Ra is symbolized by 88. The international symbol for HATE. The only thing you need to do to be in the service of the Devil to to be hateful.

    Religion:( Religio r Eli d3o Eli is Dio) means to worship Eli Dio. The Bible is the Book of Eli. Ra is Dio the Egyptian Sun God. Catholic/Christianity was plagiarized 2000 years ago from the Egyptians. You are worshiping the Sun God Ra, Amen Ra. This is who your showing homage to when you end your prayers with amen.

    Story of Cain (Qayin) and Abel (Hevel) is the Egyptian story of the Evil Eye. Eye is Ayin and when the Eye is Evil Ayin Ra the Evil H. Ra is the Royal 8.

    You being mean to her puts the evil eye upon you. The devil loves when your clueless about the fact your in his service and you don’t even know it.
    His greatest deception is Religion its self. Used to spread HaTE. 88
    This is no place for Hate. NoH8

    I warn you before you get ate

    Thank you and God Bless,

    I be Ra you Sin Obey Me

  • For one thing, it states quite clearly in the Bible that Jesus “called Lazarus to come out of the tomb.” Which he did, still wrapped in his grave clothes. How many Jewish people do you know who would not only enter a sealed tomb containing a 4-day-old body, but also KISS said dead body?? I can’t think of anyone who would do that – Jewish or not.

  • If parents should not lie to their children, then they should not be telling them that the bible is true!

  • Amazing how christians keep claiming the devil was defeated, then turn around and whine how he trying to influence everyone. Clearly, if any of this was actually true, then jesus never defeated him, or he would have disappeared forever. This is, if jesus and god were truly all-powerful.