Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly listings - April 18

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Atrocities in Myanmar - At one level, the former nation of Burma is moving slowly toward a free society. At the same time, as Lucky Severson reports, there is continuing mob persecution of Myanmar's minority Rohingya Muslims, just two-and-a-half percent of the country's 60 million people. And those committing what one observer calls "incredible brutality" are Buddhists, despite their teachings' non-violence.

Jesus and Resurrection - Jesus: A Pilgrimage, the new book by prominent Roman Catholic priest Rev. James Martin, S.J. has been on the New York Times bestsellers' list for the past month. The book attempts to combine historical and theological perspectives about Jesus with Martin's own spiritual insights. With the world's more than two billion Christians celebrating Easter, Kim Lawton talks to Martin about why he believes the resurrection is central to their faith.

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