The Rev. William McElvaney, seated, defied United Methodist Church law by presiding at the Saturday (March 1, 2014) wedding of George Harris and Jack Evans. The service was at Midway Hills Christian Church in Dallas. Photo by Sam Hodges, courtesy of UMNS

Methodists approve same-sex marriage benefits

(RNS) Same-sex partners can't marry in a United Methodist Church. But if one of the spouses works at one of the denomination's 13 general agencies, the couple can get benefits if state laws allow it.

The Rev. William McElvaney, seated, defied United Methodist Church law by presiding at the Saturday (March 1, 2014) wedding of George Harris and Jack Evans. The service was at Midway Hills Christian Church in Dallas. Photo by Sam Hodges, courtesy of UMNS

The Rev. William McElvaney, seated, defied United Methodist Church law by presiding at the March 1, 2014, wedding of George Harris and Jack Evans. The service was at Midway Hills Christian Church in Dallas. Photo by Sam Hodges, courtesy of UMNS

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The decision, made at last week's meeting of the UMC's Judicial Council in Little Rock, Ark., affirms one made in October by the church's General Council on Finance and Administration, which expanded the definition of "spouse" to include same-sex spouses and partners.

Same-sex marriage is roiling the 7.5 million-member U.S. denomination, which in recent years has struggled with a growing rebellion among clergy willing to flout church law and preside over the marriages of same-sex partners. While some welcomed the Judicial Council's decision, other decried it.

The Rev. Tom Lambrecht of Good News -- a conservative Methodist ministry -- blogged last week about the extension of benefits: "It adopts a policy that contradicts church teaching on the definition of marriage, not only violating the beliefs and values of church members (not to mention Scripture) but creating confusion by sending a mixed message about what United Methodists believe."

The decision does not extend benefits to the same-sex spouses and partners of those who work for the church's general agencies in states that prohibit same-sex marriage.

Also at its April 23-26 meeting, the board affirmed that clergy candidates should be allowed a job interview no matter their sexual orientation. The denomination prohibits noncelibate gay clergy.

The council also struck down part of a gay rights resolution passed by the UMC's Desert Southwest Annual Conference, because it supported clergy who performed same-sex weddings.



  1. Doc Anthony will make a nasty comment declaring Methodists are not a real Christian sect in 3….2…..1……

  2. (1 Corinthians 1:10)  Now I urge you, brothers, through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you should all speak in agreement and that there should be no divisions among you, but that you may be completely united in the same mind and in the same line of thought.
    This is not present in ANY of the churches of Christendom… Protestant nor Catholic because everyone is following “doctrines of men” and human philosophies. GOD doesn’t change (Malachi 3:6) to accommodate society’s whims. Hebrews 11:6 states, “Moreover, without faith it is impossible to please God well, for whoever approaches God must believe that he is and that he becomes the rewarder of those earnestly seeking HIM”. True religion is about pleasing GOD. False religion is about pleasing man.

  3. It’s always so sad to see anti-gays attack the many Christian and Jewish denominations that are increasingly rejecting the fake Bible translations. Modern Biblical scholars have proven the Bible was intentionally mistranslated relatively recently in order to provide “Biblical cover” for then-rising levels of homophobia. For example, the word “homosexual” didn’t even exist until 1870. Many major Christian and Jewish denominations condemn misusing the hate-based mistranslations to attack their fellow Americans and are marrying same gender American couples now. About 400 years ago, a group of religious authorities (sanctioned by King James I of England), secretly manipulated the English version of the Bible to reflect their own heterosexual attitude; they opposed the King kissing other men in public. But in revised versions, religious authorities re-defined the Greek word “arsenokoites” of 1 Corinthians 6:9. The most accurate translation, abusers of themselves with mankind [KJV], was pretty vague. Nevertheless, they replaced this vague 5-worded text with the not so vague and purposely targeted 1-word text, “homosexual(s).” Either way you cut it, this text does not describe loving, committed same gender couples. This campaign gave those who were looking for a reason to justify their own homophobia a license to openly express their bigotry.

  4. In other words, you approve of the Methodists adopting a spousal benefits policy that openly defies and contradicts their own clear policy against gay marriage. You like the potential confusion that is generated thereby.

    You are happy with the effect a pair of highly visible, mutually contradictory policies will have on the credibility and stability of that denomination.

    But that’s understandable. Why wouldn’t you be?

    After all, you are an atheist, and one who likes to talk just as much as I do. You like this stuff. This latest confusing and contradictory Methodist decision helps to undermine the Christian religion that you so stridently oppose, (just as I stridently oppose your atheistic religion.)

    Go figure.

  5. CarrotCakeMan – would you give more detail about the change in wording? It seems like you are saying that the change happened in the time of King James, in a revision of KJV. Yet, you also say that the word “homosexual” was not in use until 1870. Please give more of the timeline of changes.

  6. Employee benefits are not something meant to be subject to religious pronouncements. A church usually has to apply for exceptions to such rules. In this case, they chose not to pursue such things.

    There is only confusion among bigots who want to see gays ostracized from all public things who can’t differentiate between what goes on in an employment context and on the pulpit. An employee of a church is not necessarily a believer, nor expected to be one.

    More importantly, their church, their rules. If you don’t like it, don’t be a Methodist. No church has to answer to you for this sort of thing.

  7. If you know anyhting abut the Church is the people are the church. he church leaders have a duty to answer to the congregants. The pastor nor the general conference is the church. The Church is the people.

  8. Again study your history, there is only one bible named King James. But before that many councils gathered together to get the books right. ANd if you know any sense of history versions of the bible came from the Latin Vulgate and the Septugaint which cma from the Qumran Scrolls which have been auhtenticated. PLease it was not King James Hiumslef which was 1640 the others were way before him. ANd most translations come from the Vulgate and Septugaint. Get your history right.

  9. None of that means its employees are answerable to the congregation. They work for the church in exchange for a salary. They are not required to be Methodists. More likely than not the church would get into trouble if they required being a Methodist as a requirement for a position having nothing to do with religious rites.

    The church does not have an affirmative duty to oppose state laws which permit such equitable treatment of employees.

    You are just annoyed that the church is choosing not to act as obnoxiously (and possibly illegally) as you would like them.

  10. I have my history right. Some don’t like it for political reasons. Gotcha.

  11. A better source would be the many major Christian (and Jewish) denominations that reject homophobia. These denominations will marry same gender couples in 18 US States and the District of Columbia:

    Affirming Pentecostal Church International
    Alliance of Christian Churches
    Anointed Affirming Independent Ministries
    The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
    Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
    Community of Christ
    Conservative Judaism
    Ecumenical Catholic Church
    Ecumenical Catholic Communion
    The Episcopal Church
    Evangelical Anglican Church In America
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals
    Inclusive Orthodox Church
    Metropolitan Community Church
    Old Catholic Church
    Progressive Christian Alliance
    Reconciling Pentecostals International
    Reconstructionist Judaism
    Reform Judaism
    Reformed Anglican Catholic Church
    Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
    Unitarian Universalist Church
    United Church of Christ
    Unity Church

  12. He doesn’t answer because he doesn’t know. He’s just parroting the unfortunate John Boswell, who wrote a river of words on the subject but never made his case.

  13. On a theological/political note, its rather interesting that the reaction against various religious groups which make some effort to treat gays like human beings is to deny they are even religious groups. To claim that they have lost the right to call themselves ….. As if these people condemning the faiths/sects have any say in such matters.

    It shows both a lack of understanding of what religious freedom means and a lack of respect for religious views except their own.

  14. Made his case? To whom?

    You act as if there is some authority out there which determines which sects are “truly Christian” and which ones aren’t. There are plenty of people who have such delusions of grandeur but none have a compelling reason to be taken seriously.

  15. To academia, actually. Surprising that you have so much to say about same-sex issues yet would know nothing about John Boswell, who single-handedly invented most of the currently trendy arguments attempting to square homosexual practice with the Bible. Religious gays swallowed his claims hook line and sinker, but most academics remain unconvinced. Gay atheists, interestingly enough, have been his harshest critics.

  16. Sorry, Shawnie5, I will take the word of the many major Christian and Jewish denominations that are marrying same gender American couples now where their Freedom Of Religion is honored over the claims of an anonymous anti-gay.

  17. Take whatever you like–it’s immaterial to me. But they’re not my claims. It’s 2000 years of Christian doctrine, plus 2000 years of Judaism before that. And I’d sooner take that over the past 30 years of footsie-playing with decadent pop culture under-written by one gay professor trying to convince himself that his personal proclivities were ok.

  18. Academia, yeah, riiiight. Like it is such a monolithic authority to be named in such a fashion. Because you say so.

    The great thing about theology is it is one of those subjects with no objective standards whatsoever. Views of religion are as varied as grains of sand on a beach and nobody has a compelling reason to accept one idea over another unless they are personally invested in it. One idea really is as good as the next. Your claims to the contrary are merely your ego getting in the way.

    Again, you act as if there is some authority on the subject one has to take seriously, even though there is none.

  19. If there is no “authority” on the subject then what on earth are you here arguing about, Larry?

    And while you’re at it you might want to address some of these points to the Carrot, who is busily appealing to the authority of unspecified “scholars” and nonexistent “proofs,” and to the vacillations of dying mainlines, on a subject about which he clearly knows nothing.

  20. How many sects does Christianity have? Over 500 and counting. What authority exists can say which sect’s beliefs are more correct than the other? None whatsoever. Whose interpretation of the Bible is most acceptable? Depends on who wants to believe it.

    CarrotCakeMan’s appeal to authority on the subject is no better than your own. The only difference is he is not using dishonest excuses to justify his position. No claims of “its not me, its just what the Bible says” like you throw around on a regular basis.

    Your comments about “mainlines” is merely a reflection of sectarian prejudices coming through. A disdain for religious beliefs besides your own.

  21. Except that I am NOT appealing to the interpretations of 500 sects. I’m talking about the “scholarly consensus” that your kind ordinarily professes to revere–when it suits them. The view that the Carrot keeps cutting and pasting is a very small minority view among actual biblical and historical scholars, only about thirty years old and derived from the writings of a single gay professor. It’s extremely popular among the uninformed in popular culture (because it’s what they want to hear) but academics generally recognize it for what it is. And yes the Carrot is being EXTREMELY dishonest in repeatedly presenting it as something that “modern biblical scholars” have “proven.” It is anything but.

  22. “Their church, their rules”. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Now lets try to apply this across the board, not just when it fits an agenda.

  23. …. However a few adjustments will have to be made in the wording in singing services, such as ‘ I Have Decided To Follow The Crowd’… Rather than Jesus. But not to worry, it’ll all get worked out to please the people.

  24. This whole section is a stereotypical thought of who you perceive gays to be when in all actuality they are not that way at all. I hear stories on the media everyday about how priests and coaches and teachers and etc are being charged for molestation charges,but I have never heard anyone report that a group of six years old where molested from a gay man.
    We are NOT molesters. We are not HATERS. We are not these HORRIBLE people that you think we are. We are people just like you who want the opportunity to love their partners, have a family and our own life. WE don’t want to be categorized in the same group as molesters and people who have no respect for humanity. God said to love one another (as a term of endearment and not sexually) not to hate one another or to only love the straight people, or Black people or the Jews, or the Muslims or the Indians. This means everyone including hateful people. Maybe should check to see what category you fit in.

  25. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

  26. You forgot to mention that nearly all of those molesters that you mentioned were men molesting little boys. Just for the sake of clarity….those are homosexuals. So, you really contradicted yourself and proved the point of the one you were arguing against. Also for the sake of clarity, God never created anyone that had no choice whether or not to sin against Him. God is not double minded or inconsistent. He would not declare (in no uncertain terms) that homosexuality is sin and then create a person that has no choice in acting on their lustful desires. There is hope for you as long as you have breath and that hope has a name. His name is Jesus. I encurage you to earnestly pray for understanding and abandon the mantra of the movement. Seek Him in prayer and in His Word. The Truth is there and it is plain. Eternity is forever. I have prayed for you and I ask any other Christians reading this to do the same.

  27. A consensus which does not exist either in study or practice as evidenced by the varieties in which Christianity manifests itself. Meaning no authority exists which has to be considered acceptable on its face.

    You act as if your interpretations have to be taken more seriously than CCM or anyone else, but the truth of the matter is it doesn’t.

    “Because it’s what they want to hear” is the basis of acceptance of ALL theological arguments.

  28. Not clarity at all. Just a malicious take with a side order of ignorance.

    Child molesters look for the easiest “prey” available male or female. Since they prefer victims with per-adolescent features, the gender is rather immaterial to them. Also child molesters going after victims of the opposite sex is about as common as one has situations where children are supervised by those of different genders. Opportunity controls the situation not orientation.

    It is just more common for parents to leave children in the care of a stranger who is the same gender. Easier pickings based on culture and practice. This is why priest or teacher are typical professions for such people. It allows close proximity to potential victims and creates a level of unearned trust among parents.

    The equating of homosexuals (people who have adult relationships with those of the same gender) with child molesters is just malicious dishonest crap. People like yourself prefer to sling bigoted lies rather than own up to the actual problem.

  29. “However, they fail to realize that first of all being gay is a choice ”

    That is the biggest load of crap I have ever read in a while. No person who identifies as being gay considers it a choice. They want anti-discrimination laws because bigots want to give their discriminatory attitudes and actions color of law. The bigots want to treat others badly on the basis of outside characteristics without the fear of social or legal sanction. This sort of thing cannot stand in a free society.

    According to your argument, gay rights only affects people who want to be bigoted discriminatory uncivil jerks. I have zero sympathy for such people. Even less when they dress it up in religious nonsense.

  30. Let me ask, when did you decide you were straight? When did you have sex and decide you were straight? Why do you say it’s a choice? Is it a choice? It’s not, like the way I know I’m straight is because I feel attracted and compelled to girls. But a person that is gay feels the same way to girls, so let me ask, when did you decided to be straight?

  31. The different varieties of Christianity are owing to different theological perspectives. The issue here, however, is simple history, Hebrew, and Greek. Very much fair game for the scholars — as you’d be the first to claim if the “consensus” on the subject pointed the Carrot’s way instead of mine.

    ““Because it’s what they want to hear” is the basis of acceptance of ALL theological arguments.”

    Not mine. I actually very much wish the Bible didn’t say what it says about homosexual behavior. Divorce, too.

  32. Leviticus 20:13
    “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

    This does not mention the word homosexuality, but clearly describes the act of homosexuals. So it is not mistranslated, but could not be said much more plainly.

  33. “As you can see the gays are more of a threat to this society and our way of life than any foreign army or terrorist group. No army in history has come this close to taking our freedoms away from us.”

    Hmmmm…trying to remember the last time an army of gays blew up a building, or a marathon, a school….

  34. What’s a little sin among friends?

  35. I was raised a Methodist and was a member of the Methodist church for many years, however because of its falling from the understanding and honoring of the Holy Scriptures. For the Holy Scriptures are the inspired words of the Heavenly Father and not mankind, or any denomination on earth, the Methodist church as so many of todays churches. Have chosen to update and to change His words for todays changing liberal society, which is wrong I will follow His Holy Scriptures as written and inspired by God. Not man, or todays liberal lies, because the Holy Bible as we know is the true inspired words of God and not todays liberal society.
    We must wake up today, what is truly needed besides His second coming, is a true Christian Revival from the ground up, restoring this nation and its peoples faith in God, not man. God Bless the Constitution, and the Nation of Israel.

  36. I think the point that is missed by most of the Church is that being born with a sexual preference IS, indeed, something that has been proven; however, that doesn’t by any means prove that we should not acknowledge homosexuality as a sin in the Church. Everyone is born prone and attracted to various sins. Some give in the theft while some would never dream of stealing, some give in to anger aka a “hot head” much more easily than another person. Likewise, some are born attracted to the same sex. THAT in itself does not make them sinful. ACTING on that attraction is what is sinful. Just like adultery is a sin. It’s natural to have attractions to people, but the sinfulness comes whenever we give way to lust and sexual desires. We as a Church are never called to turn someone away because of something that they are prone to. We are called to love and accept people for who they are, but not promote actions that are explicitly deemed sinful by God. Those who try and manipulate scripture to make sins okay are going to lead thousands if not millions away from God and His truth. Fighting sinful desires is difficult, but it is what we are called to do. Humanly deciding that sins are okay may make these next 50+ years of your life easier, but it is blatantly disobeying God. The world is going to hate the Church for our beliefs and our truths, but we’ve known that since we committed to the faith.

  37. Excellent comment, Hunter. Thank you.

  38. When are Methodists going to come out of their closet and coordinate their practices with what we know about people and gender orientation? When are they going to come in from the cold and fully accord all respect and rights to all people, gay, straight, bi, trans, whatever?

    Except for the dark position of the Methodist Church regarding sexual orientation and equal rights, that church could be at the front of the pack of Christianity. Instead, like the Catholic Church, it is losing the opportunity to minister to all people. That itself is a sacrilege against the precepts of Jesus.

  39. You’re splitting hairs in an attempt to defend an awful offense.

  40. Thank you for your strong Courage, and taking a stand for God, at this time nearing the end, one that knows God, also knows how sad and angry he must be, knowing how they pollute his Temple, and how Satan is brain washing the people. I believe at this time. Jesus is separating the sheep from the goats. God Bless you.

  41. Sounds like AIDs, and other diseases they get when you disobey the Word of God. As of this time, I am staying away from Churches, it sounds like they are all Falling away from the true God, one for the love of Money, rather than the Love for Gods law. i will stay at home, and continue to read Gods Word, rather than mans Teachings and tickling of their Ears. Sickning. If I feel sick from this Sin, than how must a God feel? We wonder why the Earth is getting so many disasters. It’s all in the Bible.

  42. Babylon the great has fallen, and his Kingdom will come soon, as the separation takes place. You won’t be able to fight a God, we are not all Gods children, Jesus told the Scribes and Religious leaders back in his days. “Your Father is Satan” You choose to blind yourself, than it should be okay to smoke and drink, and be gay, for tomorrow we die?

  43. There is an Athority out there. It’s called GOD….

  44. Amen Janette, you have the Holy Spirit, one thing the world can’t take from us.

  45. This habit Christianists have of telling everyone they hope all LGBT Americans would get AIDS, suffer and die is one of the biggest reasons why the majority of Americans support marriage equality for LGBT Americans–and reject and condemn the anti-gay agenda that teaches Ms.Vradenburg to express pleasure at the thought so many Americans might suffer and die.

    But there’s a church for you that’s a perfect fit, Ms. Vradenburg, in Topeka, Kansas, the Westboro Baptist Church. Just be prepared for the reaction of ordinary Americans like those in Moore, Oklahoma to your anti-gay message:

  46. I guess you just don’t approve of what Jesus really did, Anne, you prefer that Old Testament violence. But real Christians know better. Jesus affirmed a gay couple. Read Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10. Many of us are familiar with the Gospel story where Jesus healed the servant of a Roman centurion. In the original Greek, the word that the Roman centurion uses in this passage to describe the sick man – pais – is the same word used in ancient Greek to refer to a same-gender partner.

  47. Christianists attack any denomination that won’t help them subvert the United States Constitution and deny Freedom Of Religion as well as Equal Protection under the Law, demonstrating they are disloyal to America.

  48. Shame on you for attacking the many Welcoming and Affirming denominations, Ms. Vradenburg. What’s your problem, can’t you just move on down to Topeka and get together with your homies?

  49. Shawnie, your repetitive personal attacks on Mr. Boswell don’t disguise for the rest of us the fact that many Christian denominations are marrying same gender couples, no matter how much you whine about that fact.

  50. What would you know about God, Ms. Vradenburg, you so obviously are promoting the views of Satan.

  51. If that was the case, Shawnie, you would stop lying about the Bible and admit the passages anti-gays claim is their “permission” to attack LGBT Americans are fakes.

  52. She seems to be criticizing you, Ms.Vradenburg. You’re the one who so clearly violates what Jesus said was the second most important Commandment.

  53. Yes, William, we know about the goals of the Christianists to destroy our legally elected government and set yourselves up as the dictators. We know most Americans are on the list your founder, R. J.Rushdoony set up to be rounded up and murdered by your traitorous “government.”

  54. Using the anti-gay propaganda term “sexual preference” is meant to discount your weak admission that sexual orientation is inborn and unchangeable, Hunter. You’ve offered no excuse why God should create his LGBT children LGBT, only to have a few miscreants decide they get to decide what God wants and attack LGBT Americans.

  55. Good point, kevin. It would be nice if the Catholic bishops would listen to American Catholics and stop committing criminal acts that poison our political process in order to throw anti-gay Hate Votes.

  56. I’m sure “Pastor” knows he was lying, Larry. Anti-gays post these vicious lies in a failed attempt to demean, demonize and dehumanize LGBT Americans. Considering the majority of Americans support marriage equality as well as adoptions by same gender couples, we know most Americans just laugh at those obvious anti-gay lies.

    But thanks for demonstrating just how desperate you are to try to resuscitate your failed anti-gay agenda, “Pastor.”

  57. I’m not lying about anything, Carrot, nor are the passages “fakes.” Their meaning, about which no one was in doubt up until 30 or so years ago, is well-documented in ancient Jewish writings, and no amount of wishing-away is ever going to change that. You can accept them or repudiate them, but you can not honestly manipulate them into something different. History — as well as common- sense — does not allow it.

  58. You keep repeating this about the “many Christian denominations,” Carrot, and I have yet to see why I am supposed to be impressed by it. Does the fact that some denominations are playing pat-a-cake with popular culture in any way change scripture? Did it change God’s word for all of Israel’s prophets to turn to Baal worship with the exception of Elijah? Did it change anything for Israel’s priesthood to wander so far away from the Torah that it lay all but forgotten in the Temple for years until the reign of King Josiah? Did it change anything for the teachers of the word of God to condemn the Word of God Himself to death? Would it change if you were able to convince every Christian denomination, not just the dying mainlines, of Boswell’s nonsense? No it would not, and does not. And I am not “whining” about anything. Jesus warned His followers to fully expect for their positions to be culturally unpopular. I’d be more concerned about the secular world embracing us rather than dismissing us as “haters of mankind” as the pagan Tacitus libeled us 2000 years ago.

  59. I’m sorry sir you are trying to make God’s word fit a sinful lifestyle. You need to let God’s Word change you. There is NO WAY God would condemn that lifestyle in Romans 1 and tell us to flee sin. And Jesus affirm it. The BIG picture is Satan to destory family ( 1 man & 1 woman) to try to hurt the church.


  61. Christ is the head of the church people are the body of the church. Larry your right in one aspect in this country a business has the right to employee whoever it wants to. God gave us free will to choose as well, but if my church and my faith oppose the acts of homosexuality and place rules on employ that is our right as well and you sir have no right to persecute, condem, categorize me or my fellow Christians as bigots. Yes I use the term persecute because that is what ACLU, liberals, and atheist do by your law suits and continuing condemnation of Christians in this country. We are very tolerant love the sinner and hate the sin as Christ does proved that with his life and resurrection. I’ll pray for you and in Christ I love you

  62. Thank God their are people in this world like you! I know so many gay and lesbian couples who do so much good in the world. They should be able to have a relationship with God and to have a place to worship.

  63. I just want you to know that i am so sorry there are so many bigots in church! It hurts me to read these bigoted remarks that this pastor has made. One day he will have to answer to God why he treated a group of wonderful human beings so horribly :(! God loves you! He loves you so much, i hope that you are able to find a Church to worship in.

  64. You are a bigot and one day you will have to answer to God why you have persecuted these people!

  65. These people are sick in the head! God is love, as children of God, we are supposed to do his good works, not condemn and hate!

  66. You are sick in the head! God is love, as children of God, we are supposed to do his good works, not condemn and hate! How dare you assume that gay people all smoke and drink!!! I know so many gay and lesbian couples that do so much for their communities. They are wonderful human beings that do have gods eternal love in their hearts. Can the same be said about you? It doesn’t seem so.

  67. CarrotCakeMan YOU ARE JUST WRONG:

    pais: a child, boy, youth
    Original Word: παῖς, παιδός, ὁ, ἡ
    Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine; Noun, Masculine
    Transliteration: pais
    Phonetic Spelling: (paheece)
    Short Definition: a boy or girl child
    Definition: (a) a male child, boy, (b) a male slave, servant; thus: a servant of God, especially as a title of the Messiah, (c) a female child, girl.

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