The Laws of Physics Match Jesus Christ's Miracles

Dr. Tamas Lajtner Ph.D. has spent the last 15 years researching the working method of the force of thoughts. Based on the results of this successful research Dr. Lajtner has designed real objects that run by thoughts, called Lajtner Machine. It teaches how to use the force of thoughts outside of the head.

Dr. Lajtner's research reveals the clues to the miraculous deeds performed by Jesus Christ. Dr. Lajtner and his team claim their experiments prove that many miracles described in the Bible work by the laws of physics, and even human can produce those miracles, too.

To do so, there is an essential requirement: people must learn how to move real things with thoughts. The Lajtner Machine teaches this knowledge. It helps people reproduce and share the experience can be read about in the Bible. More detailed information of the amazing invention can be found at, where the host is Mr. Lajtner Jr.

Dr. Lajtner stated: "We were overwhelmed to see when after years of hard research we finally succeeded in producing a device powered by thought to keep small objects floating on water. Then we managed to bring things to the surface of water. These experiences are nothing else but small scale performances of Jesus Christ's walking on water. It's still a far cry of the miracle Jesus worked, but the idea is about the same. Some more research into the physics of thought, and we are very likely to produce a device that will enhance the kinetic effects of thought concerning water."

The moving thought affects objects as well as humans. The main advantage of the Lajtner Machine is that it makes the power of thought commonly visible for believers and non-believers.

Mr. Tamas Lajtner Jr., who is the business manager of the Lajtner Machine Project, plans on selling the Box #1 of Lajtner Machine by the fall of 2014. He will start a crowdfunding campaign and invites supporters and backers to help him bring the Lajtner Machine to the market.

Since 65 % of our body and 95 % of our brain is water, healing by thought is generally available for everyone. At the moment it is also a far cry from God's miraculous deeds of healing, but the in essence the idea is the same. Jesus Christ might have been a healer simply by his human nature, but his extraordinary healing power was endowed by God.

The extent of God's endowment on the power of thought is also described in the conversation between the Lord and Moses. See Torah, Exodus 4:7.

Dr. Lajtner added, "Using the Lajtner Machine people will have new, great possibilities. And even new, big responsibility. Moving thought is capable of altering thoughts in other people, so they believe the new thought is one of their own. Because of the danger that this entails, I have waited years before bringing the Lajtner Machine to the market. How can we prevent this danger? Simply by having people recognize the manipulative thoughts. The Lajtner Machine teaches both how to create and how to recognize and repel manipulative moving thought."

Thoughts have force. A force is a vector quantity. Vector addition is the operation of adding two or more vectors together into a vector sum. Bad thoughts harm. To generate a "good" vector sum, there must be thought more good thoughts than bad. It is vital, that Believers pick up the moving thinking. This is the only way to prevent the headway of Satan's thoughts.